• Dreamy Videos

    Please post some Dreamy Music Videos
    Original (official) or fan-made (inofficial) Music Videos


    Please don't post boring (winamp) music visualizations, photo slideshows or still images - the video itself should be "dreamy" (even with the music turned off). Please add a link to the Music if possible.

    Please add the name of the Artist and the Track title.

    Redigerad av red-green-blue den 12 jun 2014, 17:10
  • Slightly Out Of Focus by Robin Guthrie (Fan made video)

  • Breathturn by Hammock

    A really beautiful and moving video.

  • The Slow Wait by The American Dollar

    An short animated film directed by Fursy Teyssier,with soundtrack by The American Dollar.

  • Only The Willow Remains by Bvdub

  • Mysteries by Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man

  • Jeka by Port-Royal

    Up the Royals!!!

  • Bodenweich by DJ Koze

  • Happiness by Jonsi and Alex

    A short film by Ken Marzorati

  • On the nature of daylight by Max Richter

  • A Fire In The Forest (Personal Jade Remix ) by David Sylvian

    A very good fan made video.

  • Shine by Slowdive

    Redigerad av dogstarmusic den 17 sep 2010, 05:36
  • Clowns by Goldfrapp

  • Apollo medley by Brian Eno

    Quote- 'Space Shuttle - STS-121 had two cameras mounted on the solid rocket Boosters. The clip follows from launch to crashing into the ocean.'

  • Vaccum by Fennesz

  • Sorrow and its Opposite by Arve Henriksen

  • Regensburg (Gas Remix) by Markus Guentner

  • Falling by Malory

  • Because by Ulf Lohmann

  • I Believe In You by Talk Talk

  • Run by Air

  • Adam's Lullaby by Natacha Atlas

  • Miserere by Gregorio Allegri

  • The Movement by Popnoname

  • Flowers In December by Mazzy Star

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