Worst Album of Dream Theater?

  • Worst Album of Dream Theater?

    When Dream And Day Unite

  • I've lost track. The new one is pretty frikken awful.

    • Adaeha sa...
    • Användare
    • 15 nov 2011, 14:06
    For me BC&SL is easily the worst :<

  • I would have to say Falling Into Infinity. There are some good songs on it, but it didn't feel quite right. IMO

  • I really want to say Systematic Chaos but it kind of impressed me so I'm going to say Once In A Livetime

  • Has to be When Dream And Day Unite, can't believe anybody would say BC&SL.

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  • I would have said BC&SL until I heard their latest one.

  • a dramatic turn of events it´s so bad only match by silver linnnings and train of crap

  • octavarium so bad even i like panic attack, octavarium and the root of all evil

    • lgortiz sa...
    • Användare
    • 19 dec 2011, 01:03
    WDADU, but already with LaBrie, the Falling Into Infinity.

  • Re: Worst Album of Dream Theater?

    Vic_RattleheaD_ said:
    When Dream And Day Unite


  • I would have to pick between When Dream And Day Unite, Falling Into Infinity and A Dramatic Turn Of Events, but the debut is probably the one.

  • When dream and Day Unite closely followed by Falling into Infinitty

  • Systematic Chaos its the worst, I rarely listen to it

  • Absolutely, Systematic Chaos. I don't know why so many people is telling When Dream And Day Unite is the worst one. IMHO, there's some really good songs there...

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    • Cacnep sa...
    • Användare
    • 30 sep 2012, 13:17
    When Dream And Day Unite, too bad that LaBrie isn't there...

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