How Do You Enjoy Dream pop Music ?

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    • 14 jan 2010, 13:50

    How Do You Enjoy Dream pop Music ?

    Dark Room, Loud Music, And Let Me Drown

  • How Do You Enjoy Dream pop Music ?

    sleeping on the train

  • Anywhere anyhow

    Double THumb
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    • 26 mar 2010, 14:22
    How Do You Enjoy Dream pop Music ?

    when i am knitting, late at night

  • transient moments

    I think i listen to dream pop the most whilst falling asleep, & to a lesser extent waking up. A lot of it does sort of mirror a waking dream... it's all about sculpting a melody that is not obvious, but grows with time... ramble...


    well personally, the BEST way to enjoy dreamy- pop/shoegaze music is to smoke a bowl of good marijuana, and turn off the lights. some albums REQUIRE candles while doing this, but not too often. if you dont smoke weed (youre missing out, obviously), then instead, you can:
    1. take a bath.
    2. fall asleep to it.
    3. wake up to it. (really sets a good vibe for the rest of the morning)
    4. enjoy an outside dinner (or tea) to it.
    5. on a record player. many lo-fi bands, like The Radio Dept. and Beach House have thier music on vinyl records, which have a warmer, homey-er sound than ipods.
    6. at the beach.
    7. watch old old black and white thrillers, mute the sounds, and blast a really slow, soft, dreamy band.
    i hope this helps you people who like dream pop music, but have yet to find a way to fully reap its benifits. it can be life changing when used as directed :)

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    • 2 jul 2010, 12:34
    When I'm depressed, mostly.

  • We enjoy dream pop because most dream pop is an identification of sounds combined to elevate spirit, embellish certain imagery, or to allow for an individual's listening experience to be an aesthetic, pleasant, and contrasting audio manifestation.

  • How Do You Enjoy Dream pop Music ?

    rooftop. stargazing. feel the ambiece.

  • Often in front of the computer, but, staying focused!

  • visiting mountains, and falling asleep...

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    • 10 jan 2011, 23:18
    Looking at the ceiling. Thinking. even when walking.

  • early morning hours and sunrise. with tea and incense and candles. weed is good but not always. during a light snowfall.

    The Force Inside The Opposites
  • summer dusk

    The Force Inside The Opposites
  • Enjoying Dream Pop

    In bed with the lights out listening to this ->
    (its free to download if youre interested)

  • rooftop ,eyes closed

    surya pro mild or GTFO !
  • While wearing a ganzfeld mask over my eyes. Seriously, it's a very good idea.

    Or just in daily life.

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    • 14 jun 2011, 17:19
    While on a train, walking trough imaginary fields and places, late at night.
    Depression helps, but only a tiny bit of it.

  • Sunny days, cycling or looking at clouds

  • Sunny days, cycling or looking at clouds

  • Mostly at night or while running. And yeah, depression gets to play it too.

    • maxcg29 sa...
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    • 28 jun 2012, 01:26
    In these days near of the beach at night & in the bus.

    Music makes me travel to every place possible...

  • While working

  • driving at night in the rain or at night. depressed in my head times too.

  • Chillaxing and letting the music wash over me....

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