[Review] Hate Eternal - Phoenix Amongst the Ashes

  • [Review] Hate Eternal - Phoenix Amongst the Ashes

    Hate Eternal - Phoenix Amongst the Ashes

    Three years after Fury And Flames, Eric Rutan's powerhouse is back. As far as I can recall, that last album has got quite a bit of hate and while I liked it, it definitely seemed a bit too repetitive. The muddy production didn't help either.

    But Hate Eternal are really stepping up their game with this new record. It delivers noticeably more dissonance, comes with an improved production and simply features better songs, compared to their previous efforts. What makes them better? They are somehwat 'catchier' and stand out to each other more this time. Most of the riffs these guys have written are nothing short of amazing. They're twisted, discordant and sometimes even spastic. Luckily, there is enough groove and heavyness on Phoenix Amongst the Ashes, so you're really not getting lost in between 40 min of chaos.

    Hate Eternal have put all their strengths into this new record and created a very balanced and versatile, yet extreme and techy album. Most definitely one of the best Metal releases this year.

    • tris90 sa...
    • Användare
    • 9 sep 2011, 09:47
    totally agree
    but in some cases the sound is a bit too sterile in my opinion
    on the top of this Album are "The Art Of Redemption" and "Hatesworn", pretty nice guitarlines and a awesome atmosphere

  • Yeah really. When the Art of Redemption came on, I sat up and thought maybe somehow I had switched over to Gigan's new album . It would be interesting to see HE go further in this direction..

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