• Zeru ta Lur y Los Chichos : contra la anorexia musical ! . .

    27 nov 2011, 18:08 av bertrand-escaff

  • They all saw The Sex Pistols live & made bands, we listen to the bands & forget…

    29 nov 2011, 11:57 av bertrand-escaff

    They all saw The Sex Pistols live & made bands, we listen to the bands & forget home-made friendly local new wave !

    Passive ? Active ? A question of era and comfort, maybe...

    Regional news ? Evolution of bands and styles in your town ? Underrated bands you know ?

    >>> Fanzine : write a short wiki (even "non"-neutral : special authorization) + links to samples, then share the link to your thread / article with your friends.
    Indie, electro, post-punk, psyche, mod, funky, ethereal, pop, transe, dream, doom, punk, stoner... All thing other than L. Gaga & sponsored stuff !

    And... Suggest connexions. Cheers :-)
  • Arts and society : historical relationship.

    29 nov 2011, 16:07 av bertrand-escaff


    What changes happened in your region under the influence of an art, either music or other arts..?
    Did you see it, or did you hear testimonies ?

  • Joy Divisial Bureau of Investigation

    29 nov 2011, 23:08 av bertrand-escaff

    Hi !

    Hands up. You have the right to keep silent.

    If you prefer to speak loud, you can contribute to the Global Enquiry for collecting the list of Bands Known or Obscure who Sound like Joy Division especially concerning the rythmical section .

    So, I ask you for the last time : which bands do you know with a big round obsessive rythm ?

  • Movement

    1 dec 2011, 20:49 av bertrand-escaff

    Hi !

    Group Zeru ta Lur

    Artist Zeru ta Lur / Cérou ta Lourre, Zeru ta Lur, Cérou ta Lourre, Cérou ta Loure...

    Pronounciation Thay-roota loorrr

    Founder artist Zuhurbelea


    Other brand new groups :

    For artists and new projects, for cold wave fans or just curious :

    Cold Wave Revival

    If you want to have a band classified in thematic and alphabetic list :

    Afterpunk Directory

    Be welcome, and for news to share, historical cold/new wave description of your region and its styles, thank you for sharing it in :


    See you, cheers :-)
  • Confessions of a Lunatic Pope - A Chance to Participate in History

    25 jan 2012, 01:23 av olboyfloats


    Another "Greatest Story Ever Told?"

    Confessions of a Lunatic Pope is the memoir series of Timothy Bowen, a Pope of Discordianism and High Priest and Ordained Minister of The Church of the Subgenius, author of two poetry collections, and the Discordian Holy Books Voices of Chaos and Jonesboria Discordia, and former front-man for numerous and infamous local bands in the Jonesboro, Arkansas area.

    So far, there is already a soundtrack album available, and the first book volume is just about finished.

    Do not be fooled into thinking this is your average memoir series. Not only does this experimental book series have one soundtrack so far, but it also utilizes a hyper-modern writing process that allows for immediate feedback, in that each section of the book is posted live on this blog as it's written.

    The Divine Impact

    This campaign is to help get full distribution for the book Confessions of a Lunatic Pope Volume 1: Soft Spoken Changes Nothing. It will be available in all major stores and online booksellers, as well as be available to public libraries. Seriously, you'll be able to request this book at your local library!! This will help spread the world about alternate religion, Discordianism, Subgeniusism, and my overall awesomeness to a world that may finally be ready for such great things!!
    What The World Needs & What an Amazing Future Awaits Us

    "Thank You" in the Book: $1
    Have your name in print! I will thank everyone who donates even $1 in the "thank you" section of the book!!

    Signed Book (US): $10 (International): $20
    A signed copy of the book

    Signed Soundtrack CD (US): $10 (International): $20
    A signed copy of the Soundtrack CD

    Signed Book & CD Bundle (US): $15 (International): $30
    A signed copy of both the book and the soundtrack CD

    My Complete Works Signed (US): $100 (International): $150
    I will send you a signed copy of everything I have published so far. This includes both of my poetry books, The Jonesboria Discordia, Voices of Chaos, and Confessions Vol 1, as well as signed CDs of the Confessions Soundtrack AS WELL AS my CD "This is how I Struggle." That's 5 books and 2 CDs!!

    BE MY PUBLISHER!!!: $500
    For $500 or more, I will list you as the publisher of the book, include your publisher's logo on the book, and ship you 20 copies of the book to do with as you please!

    Don't have a single dollar to donate? Well, LUCKY YOU, there are many ways you can help that cost you NOTHING!
    Follow my blog first of all, if you haven't already. Comment on multiple posts. If you use Google+, +1 a few of my posts. If you use Reddit, upvote a few of my posts.
    "Like" me on Facebook. Be sure to "share" and "like" the posts on my facebook page.
    "Follow me" on Twitter. "Favorite" and "re-tweet" any of my "tweets" about this campaign. Use #LunaticPopeConfessions when re-tweeting.
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  • My New Music Video Show: A Lunatic's Playlist

    4 mar 2012, 08:55 av olboyfloats

    Episode One: Around the World

    Episode Two: Illuminati Girls Rock!!

    I'm working on future episodes now, and would like input on lesser known bands to feature. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Ideas I have so far for future episodes that I could use specific video suggestions for:
    Bands that don't fit any genre
    Nouvelle scene francaise
    Post-Black Metal Experimental Bands
  • Three Birds, One Stone

    10 feb 2011, 23:17 av themessedupone

    A conversation b/w three personalities of the same man!

    a: the situation is immaturity and reluctantly in possession of a dangerous, secondary momentum.

    b: A neglecting hand and a narcotic pencil.

    c: Bloody.

    b: Some inauspicious transition of impudence and sacrifice must be made into sub-normality and sub-formality. Either you statistically robotize the already fragile machine; or abstractly demonize the unbreakable bound.

    a: Coordinated blasts of machine gun fire shadows the sunburn of inner evilness.

    c: A bloody paper.

    a: Suffer. Mortify. Some actual mercury eating mammal, with eyes wild open, scared of magnification during a routine maintenance.... Faulty equipment. Failure to miraculously function, fuse on subatomic particle. Failure to notify, and manage to PRECISELY interfere with autumn.

    Random stranger, eavesdropping from afar, listening, and contemplating, screams out ... "but reality is more painful than... than this nonsense you had to endure."
  • Two poems religious?

    30 nov 2010, 21:13 av adhoclobster

    Angels at Their Posts

    Michael sneaked up in a jovial mood toward his coworker.
    What if there are monsters? he teased in brotherly fashion.
    He punched the clock and began turning the knob to his locker.
    What if there aren't? Apollo turned confidently. Falsely. Cautiously
    unfastening his armor, busying himself in undoing his daily duties and preparing for play in the night not really night in the city of cities.
    Michael furrowed his brow and stared at him.
    Their eyes met for a millisecond that dragged
    memories of off-nights at the pub since the beginning of infinity across
    an infinity of its own the odor of mercy.
    They both cocked their wings, peering
    into a masterful arrangement of celestial fire and ice, alert
    to the silence one can find in a village yet naive to the morning sun.
    I'm scared, whispered Michael into the precise everything.

    American Junior High Gothic

    The riot in hell was disheartening,
    but not in a scary dream way.
    Sure, heads were on backwards,
    but where was the real evil?
    The reason,
    the spit,
    the rot,
    the conversations about what we will tell
    our kids about sex when we grow up?

    © Stephen Norman, 2010
  • in memory of Albert Hofmann (2011update!)

    2 jan 2010, 11:19 av doesntplay

    2011. The 105th birthday of Dr. Albert Hofmann will be in a few days and i hope that some people will feel free enough to post up the letter for his birthday. also everyone will be invited to a little semi-private celebration for Hofmanns birthday, which will happen in Berlin.

    11 / 01 / 2011

    please write a message or comment if you would like to take part
    please correct the translation

    theres a letter written by Moritz Leuenberger, the president of Switzerland from 2001-06, to Albert Hofmann's 100th birthday
    this letter should be placaded in different citys over the world on his birthday,
    the 11th January

    English Translation (original below)

    If there was a council of the elder in Switzerland you would definitely belong... I know you would modestly wave it aside. You do not like to be in the spotlight. And certainly do not want to be asked for your opinion at every instance. But even without belonging to such committee, your words have importance and impact. You are an explorer of human consciousness. The queries you have established in your works, ask questions that concern us all again and again: How do we perceive the word? How real is what we call reality?
    Indeed I have to admit, as a politician, I immensely crave for objectivity, at least the effort to desire it ... But I can console with your insights. you have realized early on that even rational knowledge is limited and not everything is verifiable.
    Therefore, you plead for including subjective experiences into the realm of science. Mystic as the highest level of subjective cognition, does not stand in contradiction with reason, instead it broadens it. There is not only one reality and one vision of things, but there are unlimited possibilities of perception.
    Thus you represent a fundamental concern for intelligence and enlightenment. Banning subjective cognition from science would turn out fatal, because one would, in last consequence, exclude his own consciousness. By your research and writings, you have contributed to the continuance of artistic, philosophic and spiritual questions in the scientific-discussions.
    I thank you for your inspiring and pleasant thoughts, and wish you all the best for your birthday.

    Kind regards

    Original Text (german)

    Gäbe es in der Schweiz einen Rat der Weisen, würden Sie ganz bestimmt dazu gehören … Ich weiß, sie winken bescheiden ab. Sie stehen nicht gerne in Rampenlicht. Und schon gar nicht möchte sie bei jeder Gelegenheit um ihre Meinung gefragt werden. Aber auch ohne ein solches Gremium gehören sie zu jenen Menschen deren Wort Gewicht und Wirkung hat.
    Sie sind ein großer Erforscher des menschlichen Bewusstseins. In ihren Schriften stellen sie Fragen, die uns alle auch immer wieder beschäftigen: Wie nehmen wir unsere Welt wahr? Wie wirklich ist das, was wir als Realität erfahren?
    Ich muss zwar gestehen, dass ich, der ich in der Politik tätig bin, mich manchmal ungemein nach Objektivität sehne oder mir zumindest das Bemühen um sie herbeiwünsche …
    Doch kann ich mich mit ihren Erkenntnissen trösten. Sie haben früh erkannt, dass auch rationale Erkenntnis an Grenzen stößt und dass nicht alles objektivierbar ist. Sie haben sich deshalb dafür ausgesprochen, dass auch subjektives Erleben in den Bereich der Wissenschaft gehört. Mystik als höchste Form subjektiver Erkenntnis steht nicht im Gegensatz zur Vernunft, im Gegenteil, sie erweitert sie. Es gibt nicht nur eine Realität und eine Sicht der Dinge, sondern es existieren unbegrenzte Möglichkeiten der Wahrnehmung.
    Sie vertreten damit ein Grundanliegen der Aufklärung. Es wäre fatal, jede subjektive Erkenntnis aus der Wissenschaft zu verbannen, denn das würde in letzter Konsequenz bedeuten, dass sich das menschliche Bewusstsein selbst aus der Wissenschaft ausschließt. Sie haben durch ihre Forschung und ihre Schriften dazu beigetragen, dass künstlerische, philosophische und religiöse Fragen in der Wissenschaftsdiskussion lebendig bleiben. Ich danke ihnen für ihre inspirierenden und zugleich wohltuenden Gedanken und wünsche ihnen alles Gute zu ihrem Geburtstag.

    Freundliche Grüße

    what you can do:
    translate to your languague
    make an artwork
    find the two missing parts (hard and not really important but would be nice)

    get ready for the next year -> 11.1.11 (=5/23!)