• The King of Last.fms (Radio Thread)

    22 feb 2011, 10:30 av Meatbreak

    This weeks listening stats: This one goes up to eleven

    iTunes still insisting it can't recognise my ipod when I plug it in, restoring it to factory default, so this is only plays while I'm at home, nothing from on the move or at work. I HATE YOU ITUNES I HATE YOU I DO!!!

    01. Peaking Lights - 101
    02. Gruff Rhys - 28
    03. Twin Shadow - 27
    04. Guards - 23
    05. Tim Hecker - 22
    06. Vondelpark - 21
    07. PJ Harvey - 20
    07. Heathens - 20
    09. Spirit Spine - 18
    10. Radiohead - 16
    11. Fen - 15
    11. The Soft Moon - 15
    11. Star Slinger – 15

    1 – Album of the year for me so far. Imaginary Falcons updated with the new wave of NNF dub sounds - heat soaked basslines – an alternative dub album way more convincing than Pocahaunted's swansong, combined with Peaking Lights uniquely intimate circuit bent noise – adds up to one long sustained eargasm. If your whole being doesn't melt into Amazing and Wonderful then you are stone cold.

    2 – Been rinsing Hotel Shampoo and enjoying it thoroughly.

    3 – Almost did a little cry at missing his show in Brighton.

    4 – New free dnld ep of covers, Vampire Weekend & M.I.A.. All distinctly better than the originals.

    5 – Stops the world spinning, creates it's own entire geology and ecosystem in it's place. Incredible, but still not as incredible as Peaking Lights – though both render me immobile.

    7a – Maybe I haven't heard this properly but I don't like this very much at all. Vocals like Joanna Newsom/Bjorkrips, graceless lyrics – I mean, if we want an album glorifying England this is the wrong time to do it if you're not going to go for the jugular properly. After the nation voted all wrongly dropping us in to those two arseholes we need some sterner, fiercer stuff. Certainly not fucking bugle calls. I'm not proud of this country right at this time.

    7b – South African black metal straddles Cascadian post and Finnish black'n'roll. 3 demos up on their bandcamp.

    9 – Still haven't got around to the blog review of this, but still can't stop listening to it.

    10 – King of Limbs is alright, I haven't noticed anything especially risky – the electronics haven't developed much past their trademark skittery beat and loping bassline combo. It's easily listenable though, and I'm sure there's more to it than that. I'm hoping – I like how Separator reminds me of Adamski's Killer, and I like the video; Thom cutting loose for a full 5 minutes is well worth watching.

    11a – Now this is how you make ambitious, experimental music. Epoch is significantly different to their past albums, retains their character but adds so many new ideas that complement it so well - production is huge, melody lines slide around the rhythms on epic scales, seamlessly shifting between Black Metal subgenres and throwing in new influences like it ain't no thang. Has the potential to make a bigger mark than Winterfylleth's album last year.

    11b Still immense.

    11c. Going to be huge too, if you hadn't already heard – everyone from Rob Da Bank to Jordan is bigging them up, so that covers the entire record buying country don't it.

    Track of the week:

    Lovely Italo-disco throb, free to download too:

    Gatto Fritto – Hex
  • Review: Nicolas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise

    4 mar 2011, 10:08 av Meatbreak

    Here's the intro, more words agfter the jump:

    Born in New York, relocated to Santiago then back to the States where he is now at Brown University, at the tender age of 19, Nicolas Jaar has also already played live and DJ sets in places such as Berlin and Mexico. Being physically well travelled lends his music if not an authentic (because that's a horrid vacuous term when applied to musical provenance) then a suitably echoic sense of conviction. Impossible to pin down into any one genre other than 'Electronic' (if you must, and which he will destroy when he hits Fabric, London with a full band at the end of March) just listening to any one track will have you feeling around for at least five or six artists it reminds you of; though mostly I hear the spirits of Villalobos and Kraftwerk - sprawling House music with a teutonic sense of clean lined efficiency, though you'll have to drift through 6 minutes of Eric Satie embalmed piano progression to reach the first strains of it, and even then it is slow and gracefully composed in delivering them up. As restrained in it's sparse atmospherics as James Blake - to whom comparisons are inevitable - as well as equally youthful London based electronic-loop composer Halls (whose incredible reverb-heavy ep you can pick up for just £1 from his Bandcamp), this is an album that should be finding its way into many different music fans hearts.
  • Could I interest anyone in a Last.FM thread?

    7 mar 2011, 08:42 av Meatbreak

    Drowned in Sound thread haunts my blog, as is its weekly wont.

    Officially The Best Week Of Music Listening This Year

    ...or for months, maybe even Ever if I succumb to the hyperbole fevers. Everything that is free to download I posted on my blog in the last week or so, so if you want it come get it.

    01. Ssaliva - 136
    02. Clair Cassis - 85
    03. †‡† - 72
    04. Mamaleek - 65
    05. Gayngs - 35
    06. Peaking Lights - 33
    07. Low - 30
    07. Cold Cave - 30
    09. Nicolas Jaar - 26
    10. The Ash Eaters – 25

    1 – Cosmic vibrations / Hypnogogic amazements. You can see from the number how much I like this, and there's only 9 tracks. The guitar line in the title track has a funky nostalgic shimmer-groove down hard.

    2 – New free ep out of nowhere. Josh from Velvet Cacoon. Perfect black metal in 3 minute po song sizes. Luxurious.

    3 – really like this new ep. The last black metal track is absurd.

    4 – 'nother free album of incredible BM, this time like nothing ever – deeply ingrained oriental influences throughout, like Fell Voices – at a push.

    5 – more freeness – Affilyated 'regrinds' of Relayted tracks. Such a cool concept to this, the results are a spectacular as the originals, sometimes more so for different reasons. You need this NOW.

    6 – You also need this in your life if you don;t have it already. One of the rare albums that will improve your lot through listening

    7a – new album is too too beautiful by far. Burst my heart apart on it three times.

    7B – this is such a great album too, every track pumps the blood through your veins twice as hard as the last

    9 – ridiculously young talent, trotted the globe and come back with this at just 19. Ambient kraut, or something.

    10 – last but by no means least – Umesh Amtey of Brown Jenkins new band's demo ep – next level disorienting funeral doom.
  • [hpll019] - Math And Other Word Problems

    11 aug 2006, 19:13 av sideb0ard

    Getting fully into the swing of our late summer release schedule, we just recieved back the new album from Marshall Watson, and it's a complete stunner!

    Following up his 2004 debut "The Time Was Later Than He Expected", Marshall Watson hones and refines his deft touch with 9 tracks of electronics, which carelessly weave strands of cologne style , , and sensibilities.

    Available now from our online shop at and will be hitting stores late October..

    20 jul 2006, 15:04 av sideb0ard


    Head on over to where you can now find the whole Highpoint Lowlife catalog in high-quality DRM-free mp3 format, including all vinyl only releases!

    Highpoint Lowlife has releases from Mandelbrot Set, Fisk Industries, The Marcia Blaine School For Girls, Izu, Like A Stuntman, Bovaflux, Marshall Watson, Rashamon, Si-cut.db, randomNumber, The Village Orchestra, Fuck-Off Machete, Recon, Production Unit, N.LN, DoF, and compilations with tracks from Xiu Xiu, The Stratford 4, Daigoro, Accrual, Chris DooksBroker/Dealer, The Jim Yoshi Pileup, and also solo projects from members of Tarentel.

  • New Free Experimental Album Download from Lost Children

    17 jun 2006, 13:56 av LossofaChild

    Awesome dark experimental post-rock from Leeds' Johnny Poindexter.

    Their entire album Place Your Trust In Empty Spaces is available for download here on the Lost Children Net Label.

    I suggest you go listen, download, then go see the guys live or give them money so they can continue making stunning music.

    "Place Your Trust in Empty Spaces sounds like a post rock dream run through a shoegazers nightmare. It's atmospheric and haunting, yet textured and tuneful. This is the sort of record that flirts with the unknown and then processes the results through 8,000 pedals. Perhaps Johnny Poindexter is a bit like Love Lies Crushing but most of the time, the band is in a post-whatever league of its own." Paul Zimmerman - First Coast News

    All free downloads currently available:

    From The Sky
    ....It Fell.... - EP

    Johnny Poindexter
    ....Place Your Trust In Empty Spaces - Full Length

    Loss of a Child
    ....The Future Symphony - Full Length
    ....Caught and Lost - Full Length

    Part Rocket
    ....Kneel Before the Throne and Drink the Blood of your Own- EP
  • Buck 65 at ABC2

    27 maj 2006, 16:40 av Mr_Fire

    I went to see Buck 65 at the upstairs bit of the new ABC venue in Glasgow the other day (April 29th if I remeber correctly). The venue used to be a Cinema and was only recenetly converted. So here's the review, I should have written it sooner after the gig but I was kinda busy with exams, so if I'm hazy at times, forgive me.

    Buck 65 @ ABC2

    The only support band are an electro/folk band called Tunng. Now there's electro folk and there's electro folk. This kind of thing can consist of mediocre folkie pop with a badly used drum machine. Tunng, however, are somehow more than this. Though they are essentially just another folk band with electronic elements, they manage to combine the tender beauty of lush folk guitar and vocals with the sinister side of electronica. They even manage to better Bloc Party with their version of Pioneers, and this is no mean feat. (Having said this I did only see the last few songs and was quite drunk at the time so they might have been shite.)

    Buck is on his own tonight, that is to say, there are no other people onstage, he does however have his trusty laptop, turntables and, particularly important tonight, his songbook. Once onstage Buck seems stragely nervous. Despite this however, the banter flows and one might think that he were a stand up if it wasnt for those song bits in between. The reason for the nerves, as we soon discover is that he is, for th first time ever to perform material from a new Mixtape he has just made under the title of Strong Arm and he doesn't know all the lyrics yet. This means that he raps with a little book in his hand. This is by no means a hinderence to his rough style but instead makes him all the more adorable. As for the new songs themselves, they are strange. The lyrics areincomprahensable and the music makes just about as much sense, but despite this the songs are always interesting and usually amusing. For example, a song which he introduces with a story about how a friend of his sold his enormous record collection to fuel a crack addiction, is ludicrously fast and the only lines which are slow enough to be heard are "Sniff cocaine I don't know why, sniff cocaine until I die": A gem of a lyric, in all honesty. Another particularly memorable moment is the showcasing of another new song called
    Old Time Stuff in which he raps over a piece of modern classical music by Gorecki. The mixtape stuff is how mixtape stuff is supposed to be: rough and ready ideas, some good and some less so. The highlight, then, is one of the few songs from the last long player which he plays, Blood Of A Young Wolf. This song is in buck's distictive stream-of-contiousness lyrical style but has the coherence (a chorus) to make it a truly great hip-hop/country track.
  • [Highpoint Lowlife] April 2006 news

    3 apr 2006, 16:35 av sideb0ard

    Highpoint Lowlife newsletter / April 3rd 2006


    Ouch, i hurt so much! Word of advice if you start or run a label...
    don't move house very often! Carrying all them boxes of CDs and vinyl is back-breaking! Nicely settled into a new Hackney mansion though, and all unpacked in a rather more spacious environment.


    Looking ahead through April, we have another great month for you, with a load of live gigs, releases and free downloads for you..

    Our two latest releases, Fisk Industries 10" EP '77 And Rising' and Izu's 'Going Salamander' should be hitting stores this week or next. '77 And Rising' is also now available via all good download stores, with Izu following in the next few weeks.

    Couple of new reviews have come in:

    Fisk Industries / 77 And Rising
    "Crunchy breaks power the opener 'Reflection' with writhing groans imbuing the song's glimmering core with brooding ambiance while the shuffling chug in the closer 'Polska' takes the funk vibe to an even sweeter level. Other tracks exude a similar beat punch: the dark electro of throbbing beats and piercing stabs of string samples in 'Close' aligns Fisk Industries to its Spezial Materials brethren, and jittery breaks and thudding bass lines enhance the wide-screen character of 'Liquid Silver Moments.' At the EP's core, the fleeting 'Moieties (Part One)' introduces a somber symphonic dimension that the second part's sparkling keys sheds some sunlight upon. 77 And Rising: tripped-out, cybernetic excellence from Mr. Ranson that's over far too quickly."

    You can download an exclusive track from the 77 And Rising EP over at Textura -

    It was also Mat/Fisk Industries birthday this past saturday, April 1st! You can pass him well-wishes, birthday bumps, friend requests or all of the above over at his site or his myspace at

    Izu / Going Salamander
    "Scythian blades stab mercilessly over a slamming base in the brutal opener 'Litterball,' and it's hard not to jaw-drop when the squelchy squalor of 'Polish Trouble' detonates (run for cover, too, when its chipmunk MC starts raging); got to love, too, the filthy beat crunch and light-speed voice cut-ups in 'I Gotcha.' Rude doesn't necessarily mean crude, however, as here's more than enough finesse beneath the skuzzy surface (the sweet melody cruising over the barbed-wire breaks in 'Jumpers' for instance). Going Salamander's more Kid 606 than Alva Noto but no one said electronic music need only be tasteful and austere. Izu brings a laudable manic intensity to a genre that's often too polite for its own good."

    "I heard a CD the other week by Izu. 'Going Salamander' blew my mind, that doesn't happen very often. This week its released for you all to drool over and its a huge recommendation from me (and the rest of us here!! Phil x). 11 tracks in total and every one a winner. Distorted clanking industrial metallic techno at its finest. Pure machine music, dark at times, melodic and quirky at others. Crunchy breaks combine with off kilter futuristic sounds to create an electroid beast of mammoth proportions. This is one of those great albums that manages to be both experimental and accessible. If your into stuff like early Art of Noise (Beatbox), early Aphex Twin (Ventolin), Hymen Records etc then get on it. I can't tell you how good this is. On Highpoint Lowlife. Wicked." Norman Records, Leeds.


    Up on the website we have two new free web releases for download:
    One is a digital single from Izu to accompany the album's release. The track listing is:

    1. Polish Trouble (album version)
    2. O Ye Of Little Faith (exclusive)
    3. North Star (Konx-om-Pax mix)
    4. Jumpers (Village Orchestra's anti-rave pop party mix)

    The second of the web releases is a recording from Marshall Watson's recent excellent London debut at our last Not Clickable event.

    Get them both from the front page at or from the download section.


    On the live front this month, you can catch Fuck-Off Machete down in London at the ever-excellent Silver Rocket club this coming friday; randomNumber plays in Leeds with Quack Quack on the 19th; Bovaflux in Birmingham with kosmic kommando and B12 on the 21st; I'll be be DJing at Nvelope in London on the 22nd; Very special Triptych show in Glasgow with Rose and Sandy (Marcia Blaine School for Girls off-shoot
    project) supporting Andrea Parker and many more on the 28th April; 'nother Glasgow show the following evening (well, Paisley actually) for Izu who will be playing out alongside Automat at Club69 on the 29th; That same evening in London, the 29th, [no-signal] are putting on a show that sees our most lovely post-rockers, The Mandelbrot Set playing with Picasstro and Sanso-Xtro.
    You'll find complete listings for these shows and links to more info over on our website..

    Like A Stuntman also have a record release show in Hamburg on the 29th to celebrate their re-release of "Fresh Air Is Not The Worst Thing In Town" for Germany/Austria/Switzerland on the wonderful Records&Me imprint ( ) We're working with Records&Me on a joint Like A Stuntman 10"/CDEP for release in late May, and Like A Stuntman will be back gracing the UK shores with a June tour which is coming together rather well, with shows with Glasgow's St. Deluxe, Fuck-off Machete and The Beatnik Filmstars. Full details for the tour next month...


    A quick recap of the upcoming releases...

    Like A Stuntman - "Stan Places" 10" mini-album/CDEP
    Mandelbrot Set - "All Our Actions Are Constantly Repeated" CD
    Marshall Watson - "Math And Other Word Problems" CD
    The Marcia Blaine School For Girls" - title-tbc CD
    Tigrics - "Synk" CD
    v/a - The Beautiful Tactile Objects Series Volume 1 ( 7 x 7" boxset w/ Tarentel, Leafcutter John, Mandelbrot Set, Die munch machine, N.LN, Bugs Eat Books, Colophon )

    Theres a couple of new artists who we've been speaking with and who we will be announcing projects from shortly. One of the first we can announce will be London based Matthew Rozeik, whose wonderful split EP with Ylid, Van111, is out now on Static Caravan.
    We'll be working with Matthew on a full length scheduled for early next year. ( You can catch Matthew playing in London on the 28th of April with October All Over, The Strange Death Of Liberal England, and Akira. ) To coincide with the announcement, we'll be hosting a remix album for Matthew that he has commisioned from friends and collaborators.

    "Oh Lord, Please Give Me Another Brain - Reinterpretations"
    will feature reinterpretations by Ylid, Bauri, Nadir, Richie Phoe, Maps and Diagrams, d_rradio, Yellow 6, die Baader-Meinhof Gruppe, The Boatswain and AJ Cookson. We'll be hosting that up on the site within the next week, so keep checking over to the main site..

    ok, thanks and 'ave a lovely month!
  • two free new Highpoint Lowlife webreleases

    21 mar 2006, 12:32 av sideb0ard


    Two new digital releases up on the Highpoint Lowlife website..

    First up is a recording from our most recent Not Clickable event here in London, a live set from Marshall Watson.

    And a most excellent digital single to accompany Izu's upcoming "Going Salamander" album:

    Izu // Polish Trouble

    1. Polish Trouble (album version)
    2. O Ye Of Little Faith (exclusive)
    3. North Star (Konx-om-Pax mix)

    You will find them both on the front page over at