Snow White + Chuck + IKPlus + Swimsuit Issue @ Prison - Friday 8th

  • Snow White + Chuck + IKPlus + Swimsuit Issue @ Prison - Friday 8th

    This month, Prison is going to be more fun that the legal system should allow...

    FRIDAY 8th April

    PRISON @ the purple turtle
    61 - 65 Crowndale Road
    (opposite KOKO, formerly the camden palace)
    Doors - 8.00pm - 2.00am
    Drinks deals all night
    Nearest tube: thirty seconds walks from Mornington Crescent Tube

    Snow White

    Currently being salivated over by basically everyone, including the NME, Snow White have got the press and everyone that sees them doing backflips once confronted by their wonderful brand of low fi art school punk. Just read some of the following if you don't believe us..

    "If Thurston Moore and Chris Morris sat down in a white room full of Warholian art they’d invent and plot to manufacture Snow White. When all’s said and done, Snow White may just be one of the most exciting art bands to come outta London in a long time"

    "Frankly, if London terror squad Snow White didn't already exist, we'd have to make them up. How could you not love a band who sing, 'I'm bored and somewhat detached/I've got good hair and I smoke lots of crack' and call a song on their debut single 'It's Not Art It's Paedophile Porn'? Exactly. The fact that they also sound like the 'Lord Of The Flies' kids if they were into Black Flag only makes our hearts beat faster."


    Sheffield based purveyors of addictive surf garage with a european twist, Chuck are making only their second outing to london especially for us. You will have had to be deaf to of not heard current single 'No Not Ah' being pumped through the speakers of every cool indie club around. They describe themselves as being "A welsh male choir, watching spaghetti westerns whilst listening to Dick Dale and The Fall. There are tons of manically positve live reviews for this band, here's a couple cause we don't have the space for more...but look them up and realise that if you do get to see them, it's something you'll boast to your mates about for years to come....I'm serious!

    "It is a classic of the intrumental surf trash genre. Sounds like dancing cossacks doing Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet. Seriously, it is a huge relief to be able to not have to lie! It is great and it is a huge honour to have some tiny impact on this valuable pop-cultural artefact"..........Stewart Lee, Comedian, playwrite (Jerry Springer the Opera), journalist & inspiration for "No, not ah" November 2003
    " very soon the whole country will be arm-waving, Cossack dancing and generally grinning like idiots."

    The International Karate Plus

    Having been described as Dinosaur Jr covering The Cure, Cardiff based The IKPlus are pretty much indie scene veterans, made up of two thirds of the brilliant mohobishopi, their brand of sprawling low fi pop will astound you. Highly accomplished and addictive. They're a product of their influences whilst sounding like nothing else around. Check out their wonderful soundbites on their website to see just how great these boys are. We can't wait!

    Swimsuit Issue

    Obviously they're influenced by Sonic Youth, hence the name, but Swimsuit Issue are categorically not a bunch of Youth wannabes. Consisting of three boys (frontman Rhudria, Jude and Steve) and one girl (Donna) they work together to create an ethereal soundscape that is so catchy and perfect you'll be racking your brain trying to work out where you've heard them before. Check out their latest review on the artrocker website -

    Then .....

    11.00pm - 2.00am

    Dj Lydia (hysteria/club agoraphobic/frog/collide-a-scope) + Dj Becky (White Heat)

    Playing a mix of indie - indie pop - post punk - electro - 60's girl group - riot grrl - trash pop - rock n roll - new wave - pounding thumping mucky joy!

    Expect to hear this!

    Alter Ego to ACDC – Bloc Party to Blondie – Chicks On Speed to The Chiffons – Duran Duran to DFA 1979 – Eighties Matchbox to Elastica – Fall to Franz Ferdinand – Gravy Train!!! to Graham Coxon – Har mar superstar to Human League – Interpol to Iggy Pop – Jay Z to Jesus and Mary Chain – Kinks to Kills – LCD Soundsystem to Long Blondes – Mylo to Morrissey – N*E*R*D to New Order – Outkast to Only Ones – Pavement to Prince – QOTSA to Queen – Raveonettes to The Ronnettes – Slits to Smiths – Talking Heads to The Knife – Undertones to Unicorns – Velvet Underground to Von Bondies – Wire to Wham! – XTC to X Ray Spex – Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Yazoo …. And plenty more besides!

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