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Skapad den: 30 dec 2006
This group spotlights the comedy trio Dekliq from Southwestern Pennsylvania. The group's goal is to help the trio's music become more accessable to potential fans, as well as provide current fans...

Do you like underground comedy? Southwestern PA skit-comedy act DEKLIQ are making the genre an art form, and are damn good at it. This group's quest is to get the group out there to more users, and gain more attention to the group, as well as show where to find Dekliq's comedy.

SOULSEEK USERS: look for S1ay3r (username) or search Dekliq (bandname) in soulseek. Dekliq has an EP and CD available. check both of them out and give to your friends! The more people that listen and spread it around, the more places the group's comedy will be available.

Find Dekliq on myspace at:

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