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Daylight is a unique performance platform for both up and coming and already established musicians. Conceived and presented by the Union Chapel it has been providing a showcase for the development of musical talent.

Established musicians are able to broaden their public profile and experiment with new musical forms and material. Up and coming musicians get the chance to cut their teeth at one of London’s top music venues and work together with well known artists.

Daylight provides London with a new and exciting way to listen to music completely free of charge. Daylight counteracts the commercialisation of music by having a system where the currency traded is music alone. No money changes hands, the concerts are free and accessible to all.

The concerts showcase a wide range of musical genres including contemporary acoustic, electronica, chill out and classical. This combination of musical genres mixed with the high gothic naturally chilled environment of the Union Chapel lends the concerts a very special quality.

Union Chapel

Sister Groups: Chiller Cabinet, The Arctic Circle

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