Event: 4 April 09 Laish Quartet & Fireworks Night

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    Event: 4 April 09 Laish Quartet & Fireworks Night

    Laish Quartet and Fireworks Night



    Union Chapel
    Compton Terrace
    London N1 2UN
    United Kingdom
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    Tel: 020 7226 1686
    Web: www.unionchapel.org.uk/
    FREE ENTRY midday - 2pm

    Daylight music is a dazzling idea presented by the Union Chapel to open up their amazing gothic venue to a shiny new daytime crowd and provide a rather exciting platform for artists.

    Encouraging experimentation and profiling new music as well promoting a free music ethos. Join us!
    Experience music and Saturday afternoons in a whole new way.

    On the Laish Quartet:

    Daniel Green and company’s current musical output goes under the name Laish Quartet. There’s an unusual fingerpicking style, distinctive and honest vocal deliveries from the four singers, violin, melodica, bass, percussion and a sense of purpose. A prolific songwriter, Green’s lyrics are open letters to friends; meditations on love, death, humour and despair. Laish Quartet are an integral part of the Willkommen Collective, Brighton and London’s independent folk family and label home to The Leisure Society, Shoreline, Sons of Noel and Adrian, Kopek and the rest. A full length album will be released by Willkommen Records in late 2009. Green also plays with Brighton’s favourite post-folk orchestra, Sons of Noel and Adrian as well as moonlighting with various other bands.

    On Fireworks Night:

    Theatrical alt-folk from a London ensemble currently causing quite a stir. There’s echoes of Nick Cave here, and their unique orchestral pop has won them fans from the likes of Radio 1’s Colin Murray to a significant chunk of the music press.

    “A dizzyingly talented dash-cutting ensemble trading in claret confessionals and gravel voiced, tobacco-stained drama, all told via sensitive piano work, nigh-on perfect string accompaniment and a fantastic songwriting flair.” - Drowned in Sound

    Presented by Union Chapel
    Produced by Arctic Circle

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