List of other DLA social networking sites

  • List of other DLA social networking sites

    Great places to check in with the Dark Legions Archive (DLA), the net's oldest metal site and a place for old school death metal, black metal, grindcore, doom metal, speed metal and thrash reviews:

    Dark Legions Archive

    Social Networks

    1. Facebook
    3. Myspace
    4. YouTube
    5. Reddit

    Vijay Prozak


    1. Amerika
    2. Houston Metal Music Examiner


    1. Northern Traditions
    2. The Radical Tradition
    3. Can Life Prevail?
    4. Fenrir, Issue I
    5. Air in the Paragraph Line #11

    Social networks

    1. Metal-Archives
    2. Sputnik Musik
    3. Wikipedia
    5. Rate Your Music
    6. Discogs,6210.0.html

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