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    • 19 maj 2006, 01:23


    I'm searching for an MP3 player and I figured you guys might be able to recommend one seeing as I know absolutely nothing about them. My budget is around 250 dollars and it would help if it can hold a lot of music (my collection is currently about 11GB and growing). Thanks in advance. =)

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  • ZVM

    You should buy the Creative Zen Vision:M I have bought it yesterday, and it is so much better than the crappy iPoo!

    before the ZVM I had the iriver H10 20GB, you should look for an iriver, creative zvm or iAudio or something!

  • Pssshaw. I just got a sansa e250, and it's the sh*t, go with that. Only a 2 gig but you can get an expansion. Loads of features, easy to use, well designed, how can you say no?

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