The "conductor" tag radio

  • The "conductor" tag radio

    Like mentioned in the short group description the tag also provides an interesting radio station, because this tag has been used more than 1,000 times by more than 300 people. Only now and then a non-classical big band leader like Henry Mancini or Ray Conniff comes up which you can ban with the red button in the flash player or your scrobbler, so you will not hear that track again. Since I started the group I have listened to this tag radio several times and really like it.

    It might even improve a little bit with the next update of the tag database, as I have tagged some new conductors in the meantime.

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    • 5 jan 2010, 23:57
    I am listening to 'The conductor tag radio' at this moment. It sounds great so far =)

  • It features some Czech composers and conductors at the moment which I have never heard of but sound great. Obviously we have some active Czech users here on ;-) By the way, just a few hours ago the database was updated (after more than three weeks), so new conductors should appear on the radio soon.

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    • 8 jan 2010, 21:05
    I noticed, when I listened to 'The conductor tag radio', that there were quite a few czech conductors. The only one I recognized from before was Václav Neumann.

    But I agree with you, hjbardenhagen.... They all sounded good =)

  • Right, I knew Vaclav Neumann from once conducting the Munich Philharmonics in Hamburg for Sergiu Celibidache who unfortunately was ill at that time. And I had heard him on the radio back then, but the other Czech conductors are mostly new to me.

    In the meantime I noticed that there are a few completely unrelated artists in there as well, e.g. "Tran Qual", but banning them right away when they come up helps a lot. This might also be necessary for some obvious "hits" like Karajan with Mozart's KV 550 which appear a little bit too often for my taste, and simply skipping them each time is boring. But it seems that the algorithm for chosing the tracks has been tweaked by recently, so the top artists of a radio station are still played more often than the rest, but rather with some unheard or seldomly played tracks now.

  • Other tag radios for conductors

    I would like to add that there are of course other tag radios for conductors, e.g. the ones I mentioned in the group overview. But I also use tags for single conductors, so they have their own tag radio as well:

    for Wilhelm Furtwängler (504x)
    for Sir John Barbirolli (351x)
    for Sergiu Celibidache (249x)
    for Arturo Toscanini (241x)
    for Leonard Bernstein (188x)
    for Otto Klemperer (184x)
    for Sir Simon Rattle (159x)
    for Bruno Walter (155x)
    for Bernard Haitink (142x)
    for Sir Georg Solti (130x)
    for George Szell (128x)
    for Roger Norrington (124x)
    for Eliahu Inbal (112x)
    for Sir Neville Marriner (88x)
    for Monica Huggett (82x)
    for Claudio Abbado (80x)
    for John Eliot Gardiner (78x)
    for Nikolaus Harnoncourt (63x)
    for Gerard Hoffnung (62x)
    for Herbert von Karajan (58x)
    for Trevor Pinnock (54x)
    for Günter Wand (51x)
    for Christopher Hogwood (47x)
    for Michael Tilson Thomas (45x)
    for Helmuth Rilling (22x)
    for Kurt Masur (16x)
    for Marin Alsop (13x)

    Probably there are many more of them which I do not use, you can search for them and/or use your own tag on your favorites if they do not exist as a tag radio yet. It makes sense to choose an already existing tag though if you want to listen to a tag radio quickly, because only subscribers can create working personal tag stations with only one user, and furthermore there is already some tagged content that hopefully meets your expectations.

    The reason for rather building a tag radio station than simply using the normal artist radio on a profile is that you can decide what should be played in that specific radio station. Sometimes the "similar artists" chosen by are not that similar as you wish they would be, but more important there are a lot of available related albums unknown to the database and consequently never been heard by the users.

    I already mentioned this fact in the thread about recommended Mahler recordings on, but it affects all available content that has been misnamed by the labels who upload these albums. The main problem is that they use the "artist" database field for all performers on an album instead of the composer, so these albums never show up on a composer profile which means that you will not find them when searching for them in the usual way.

    Tags can overcome this problem, because they are independent from the way the labels or users have named a new album or artist on and caused the automatic creation of yet another wrong artist profile that way. You can simply tag any of those misleading profiles and/or the albums that have been filed there e.g. with the composer or conductor name (or both), and after the next database update they should be played in your brand-new tag radio station.

    In theory, that is... ;-) Because there are other things on that might get in the way of that simple plan like the ranking of everything that can be ranked on this site. As soon as there are several artists/albums/tracks to choose from, will rank them which means sort and favor them in an order according to their recent plays by users. That's fine if you're nuts about charts, but bad if you want to listen to many different artists in a radio and rather love variety and not so much "all the hits all the time".

    For example our very estimated tag radio has some obvious hits that I have mentioned before (Herbert von Karajan with the first movement of Mozart's Symphony No. 40, Bruno Walter with the Domine Jesu of Mozart's Requiem etc.). These tracks come up more often than the rest of the playable content in that radio station, e.g. the conductors that I tagged since I started this group who haven't shown up yet. But I already wrote about that and how to handle it, so my rant is over for now. ;-)

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  • It seems ranting helps sometimes, as the database has been updated a few hours ago, so the radio station contains most of the recently tagged conductors now (Rattle, Celibidache, Inbal, Alsop, Huggett etc.). I'm not sure yet if the latest additions from last weekend are already in there as well, we'll see...

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    • 21 jan 2010, 21:21
    I know the problems you mentioned, hjbadenhagen, perfectly well, since I am the leader of two groups, and I have tried to make tag-radios for both groups. It's not that very easy as you might think. Phew! Thanks for your advice =)

    You said... "Sometimes the "similar artists" chosen by are not that similar as you wish they would be"

    I remember when I was a new member here. I was listening to the "Johann Sebastian Bach-radio and other similiar artists". I didn't hear Bach at all. They were only playing Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Schönberg etc. No baroque what so ever! I was really disappointed.

    But now, when I read what you wrote above, I think I understand why it became that strange.

    By the way.... I was listening to the tag "celibidache" earlier today. It sounded really great =)

  • Yes, the "similar artists" radio only plays the first track from the main artist if there is at least one available track with a play button on the artist profile. From then on you are either lucky or not... ;-) Those "similar artists" are just a database calculation of what other users listen to who like the same main artist, quite like our charts and group radio. Furthermore cannot play the same artist too often in a given period of time because of the radio licenses that they have to obey.

    By the way, if you like baroque music and Johann Sebastian Bach, you should listen to the tag radio (when it hopefully works after the next database update) and/or to Monica Huggett's albums. I've looked through my tags today and added those conductors in the above list whom I hadn't mentioned yet. "Not global yet" means that there are not enough users who have applied this tag to the artist yet (must be at least two). So maybe you can help me out and simply tag these artist profiles as well, then there should be a new tag radio after the next database update in about two weeks.

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    • 23 jan 2010, 07:20
    Now I have tagged some of the Monica Huggett's albums as "huggett". I'll listen to the hugget tag radio, as soon as it works. Interesting artist!

    I'll have a look at the other artist profiles and if it still is necessary, in order to make the tagradios work, I will tag them too.

  • Thank you, Jagellonica, today I found some more albums with her Ensemble Sonnerie and with her Trio Sonnerie as well. I also like the new album with Bach: Orchestral Suites for a Young Prince, so her tag radio should be interesting.

    By the way, sorry for forgetting that you are from Sweden and cannot play available albums and tracks "on demand" for free like the users from UK, US and DE can. Do you see the play buttons besides the available tracks at all, so you can at least distinguish between available and non-available content?

    And it would be nice if you also tag Gerard Hoffnung and/or the available Hoffnung Music Festivals 1956, 1958 & 1961 album, because that might be enough to create a working tag radio, as its individual tracks are filed under different artist names.

  • Jagellonica sagte:
    Now I have tagged some of the Monica Huggett's albums as "huggett". I'll listen to the hugget tag radio, as soon as it works. Interesting artist!
    Happened just now, has a radio button! :-) And thanks again for tagging the others as well, and are also global now. I added to the list who isn't global yet, although there are two other tag users without any content.

    This actual database update came rather quick, perhaps because the sun is shining today after weeks of boring grey sky and cold wind here in Hamburg... ;-) Listening to tag radio since this morning already showed some new artists as well.

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    • 28 jan 2010, 13:48
    I tried listening to the huggett tag radio some minutes ago. But it was only buffering. No sound. I don't know why. I'll try again later.

    You are right, hjbardenhagen... Swedish users can't listen to any music for free - except "full-length-tracks". I recently renewed my subscription, so I will be able to listen on radiostations, playlists etc. for yet another month =)

    (We can still see the playbutton at the side of the tracks, even if we are not paying subscribers)

  • In my experience this endless buffering is always caused by a new video ad that is supposed to run in the flash player before the radio actually starts. If there is a problem with the server that should deliver this video clip, the radio will sometimes start without the video when you refresh the browser page, even several times.

    Anyhow, I've listened to the radio several times now and like it a lot, although it seems that our latest tags from Saturday are not included, for example there are no tracks with Trio Sonnerie yet.

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    • 28 jan 2010, 21:14
    Now the 'huggett tag radio' worked =) I had to klick the forward button in order to make it start. Strange!

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    • 28 jan 2010, 21:19
    No, it didn't work! When I klicked on the forward button, the radio started to play another radio station. That's even more strange.

  • I think clicking the skip button in an empty flash player will start your last radio station instead, e.g. your library. Your best bet probably is to refresh the page in your browser, either with key F5 or with the same option in the browser menu. I don't have these problems when starting any radio station at the moment (using a very old IE 6.0), but like mentioned before I also know them. Probably there are new advertisements for Swedish users that cause some browsers to stop playing. Or do you have this problem only with the "huggett" tag radio?

    Do you use any ad-blockers, by the way? Another chance might be to use the scrobbler software instead of the browser to listen to a radio station, because there are no ads in that software, as far as I know.

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    • 30 jan 2010, 02:26
    Thanks for your advice, Hans-Jürgen! I don't know much about computers, but I'll try to use the Last. fm scrobbler instead ... etc. =) I don't have this problem only with the 'huggett tag radio'. It occurs every now and then. Thanks again!

  • On the other hand you are a subscriber anyhow, and one of the features should be that you don't see any advertisements on the site at all. Hmm... good luck with the scrobbler software, and I think you will like Huggett's tag radio, too, when you can finally hear it. :-)

  • hjbardenhagen sagte:
    I added to the list who isn't global yet, although there are two other tag users without any content.

    Today we had another database update after two weeks, and at the moment I'm impressed by the new tag radio for . His Händel operas are great, so is Beethoven's Symphony No. 9, and even Isolde's Liebestod from Wagner's Tristan & Isolde sounds right.

    The tag radio for finally works as well, , too, and also conducting e.g. Mozart's Don Giovanni. Thanks to Mahlers3rd for helping me out. :-)

  • Updated database for global tag radios

    Long time no see... Jagellonica has deleted her account in the meantime, maybe because of the latest changes for subscribers. Concerning the tag radio that didn't work for her I am pretty sure now that it had something to do with different licensing agreements for Sweden and Germany and the labels who own the copyright for Monica Huggett's music in these countries. So the tag radios do not work equally in each country, although they are "global" which only means that several users have used this tag vs. only one user.

    I have been tagging a lot of classical music during the last days, because there are great new albums on which were not streamable before or did not exist yet. This includes Monica Huggett and/or her different baroque ensembles, but also Simon Rattle (), John Barbirolli (), Georg Szell (), Roger Norrington (), Eliahu Inbal (), Neville Marriner (), Sergiu Celibidache (), Bernard Haitink (), John Eliot Gardiner (), Trevor Pinnock (), Georg Solti (), Helmuth Rilling () or e.g. Cecilia Bartoli (), the Italian opera singer who performs with Giovanni Antonini and Il Giardino Armonico on some very good baroque albums.

    So I have updated the list of my personal tags in this thread now. As far as I'm aware, all of them should work globally, but as Jagellonica's tags have probably been deleted automatically, there might be a problem here and there.

  • New streamable Furtwängler albums

    The last time I updated my list of personal tags in this thread was almost a year ago (Dec 2010). The most significant change obviously is where has four times more streamable albums than before, i.e. more than 400 now. These are published by different labels of course, so sometimes it's the same recording, but not necessarily with the same sound, as the labels have different sources for the tapes and remix them differently as well.

    The biggest new project seems to come from label Documents with more than 100 CDs. They use the German spelling without umlaut Wilhelm Furtwaengler as the artist name on, so you will find their albums on that profile page, not on Wilhelm Furtwängler or Wilhelm Furtwangler.

  • for Conductor tag radio with Discovery Mode

    hjbardenhagen said:
    As soon as there are several artists/albums/tracks to choose from, will rank them which means sort and favor them in an order according to their recent plays by users. That's fine if you're nuts about charts, but bad if you want to listen to many different artists in a radio and rather love variety and not so much "all the hits all the time".
    There is an easy solution for this problem now with, because you can enable "Discovery Mode" with it when listening to almost any radio station either in the browser or in the software. For example I'm listening to new unheard tracks from the tag radio for more than five hours in my browser now which shows me how often I have already played a track and/or artist:

    This new HTML GUI is rather self-explanatory and easier to use than the earlier software tool, so I can recommend it if you want to experiment with "hidden features" of It can do a lot more than simply switching on the discovery mode, e.g. combining different artist and tag radios in one station. Note that the new software will have some of its features, too, and it is in public beta state at the moment without discovery mode or the Mainstream and Repetition sliders.

    Here the generated browser URL for the Conductor tag radio with enabled discovery mode, just click on it:

    And the equivalent for the software if you prefer to listen with it, just copy&paste it into the field for "Starting a new station":


    You can find and restart the station afterwards in the software history as "A radio station". It also makes sense to bookmark it in your browser if you like it.

  • Loved Tracks and Conductor tag radio on Spotify and Deezer

    If you are a Spotify user outside of UK/US/DE and the five remaining countries with radio streaming for subscribers, you can export your Loved Tracks, playlists and tag radios to Spotify. This requires some manual work at the moment, as the site was down since Nov 1, 2012 and has been killed in the meantime, see their Twitter account and also this FAQ.

    By using Ivy instead and exporting all your lists to the TSV format (not XSPF) in first and then saving them as CSV e.g. in Excel or the spreadsheet application in LibreOffice, you can create Spotify playlists with the web interface there. Just upload your CSV lists (Step 1), choose the correct column titles for "Track" and "Artist", discard the third "URL" column (Step 1a) and process your file which will take several minutes for large lists (Step 2). Afterwards you only have to paste the created Spotify playlist from the browser clipboard (Step 3) to a new playlist in the Spotify desktop software. For this click on "New Playlist" there, give it an appropriate name, open it and choose "Paste" from the Edit menu in the top navigation bar. This even includes very long Loved Tracks lists (for me 4,209 tracks found on Spotify out of 5,453), playlists or tag radios if they are based on single tracks.

    Using the Ivy converter works really well, as the database search in Spotify also seems to find similar track names, not only the exact ones. So small "mistakes" happening during the export and saving as CSV do not break anything, e.g. missing quotes around opera arias or using the Windows-1252 character set for importing the TSV file. Best choices in LibreOffice's importer popup window would be: UTF-8 as character set, English (Great Britain) as language, tabulator as the only field separator, and no text divider (delete " or ' if shown there).

    If the resulting Spotify playlists are shorter than the lists, it's mainly because they don't have the missing albums and tracks yet. By importing the TSV file in a spreadsheet application you can also have a look at the list first if there are any major issues (e.g. all three items "track", "artist" and "url" in the first column) and correct them before you save it as CSV by checking your TSV file import settings again.

    I have converted my conductor tag list (7.008 tags, more streamable albums than single tracks) into a Spotify playlist with 940 tracks which equals five days of listening. So if you are able to use it (i.e. Spotify is available in your country and you have installed their software or web player), you only have to click on the link. If you choose "Random Play" in the lower right corner of the player or in the upper menu bar, the static playlist will not bore you so quickly acting more like a dynamic radio station.

    Latest news in this development is that has started a free ad-supported access to on-demand streaming last week for a full year in 150 countries (except USA, Japan and a few others). So if you cannot use's radio streaming anymore, check if Deezer is available in your country. It's very easy to convert Spotify playlists to Deezer lists with, a web interface similar to Ivy. For example my Conductor tag list has been split into two parts there which were automatically added to the Deezer web player, Conductor 1/2 (399 tracks) and Conductor 2/2 (297 tracks). These playlists are publically available and should also work for you then.

    Last but not least is available for free for seven days without any ads in about the same countries as Spotify. And of course there is a web interface importing Spotify playlists in Rdio called re/spin. It's as easy to use as the other ones, but there is a maximum limit of 100 tracks, so it is not that interesting for longer lists.

    Redigerad av hjbardenhagen den 17 okt 2013, 11:13
  • Using to exclude certain artists from the Conductor tag radio

    I have tested with the tag radios and choosing "not" as logical operator between them. So the generated radio station should include everything (tracks, albums and artists) tagged as "conductor", but nothing also tagged as "gustav mahler". The link for the web player is:

    and the link for copying & pasting it into the scrobbler software is:


    I'm listening for more than one hour now (15 tracks), and there have been 0 tracks yet which I had tagged with "gustav mahler" before. When simply playing the Conductor tag radio, there are about 5 Mahler tracks in 15 tracks, so it seems to work or at least minimize the number of unwanted tracks. This is interesting, because the "not" operator does not always work as expected. Maybe it works in this combination, because the Conductor tag radio is based on many tagged tracks now (much more than the minimum radio limit of 45 streamable tracks from 15 different artists) and not so much on tagged albums and artists anymore.

    So if you would like to exclude e.g. Wilhelm Furtwängler from the Conductor tag radio, you can choose the tag as the negative item in instead of . Here are the links:


    Unfortunately most of the necessary RQL commands cannot be used in the new web player yet, so the above examples do not work anymore.

    Redigerad av hjbardenhagen den 7 nov 2014, 12:59
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