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January 2006: About a year after Nasum called it the quits, drummer Anders Jakobson started looking for members for a new grinding band. After posting in his blog at, Anders Bertilsson (Ruin) - vague acquaintance to Jakobson - offered to play the guitar in the band. At the same time Relentless's bass player Oskar Pålsson was looking for a session drummer for a possible solo demo. He asked Jakobson who informed him about the new grinding band plans and the two ideas were merged into one. The three members started to send riffs back and forth building up a small library of ideas.

February 2006: The first rehearsal took place on the 2nd and a few songs were written from the library of riffs. The band continued to write songs and do rehearsals the following weeks. A decision to add a second guitar player was taken and the band announced for a forth member in Jakobson's blog.

March 2006: André Alvinzi (Carnal Grief) joined the band as the second guitarist. As the fourth songwriter in the band, Alvinzi rapidly added the last piece to Coldworker's puzzle of sound, introducing some more technical riffs into the grinding death metal.

April 2006: Early in the month the bands name - Coldworker - is announced and later in April Joel Fornbrant (ex-Phobos) joins the band on vocals. After trying Anders Bertilsson as the singer, Coldworker realised that is would be best for the band and the music to have a separate singer. As a five-piece the band continued to write and work on the songs.

June 2006: Coldworker did it's first show together with Gadget and Radioskugga and then immediately started recording their first album "The Contaminated Void".

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  • Raptorblood619

    A very good band to carry on straight forward, throat slitting death metal! Anders is the man, and the new album is fucking crushing! Paradox Lost is one of my new favored songs of all time, LONG LIVE COLDWORKER!

    12 aug 2008 Svara