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Skapad den: 19 mar 2009
Code |kōd|
1 hidden, mystery or secret
2 life or death program instructions : hundreds of lines of code | assembly code.
3 a systematic collection of laws or regulations : the criminal code. a human version of html code to build your inner world/universe . . .

'Twas many a year ago the strange blackmetal collective known as Code was formed on a bleak English mid-winter day by composer extraordinaire Aort and wordsmith/singer Kvohst. The year was then 2002 and the band wrote and recorded a home-made demo/promo CD titled Neurotransmissions, releasing it themselves the following year. Sent and played only to friends and record labels, the band subsequently inked a deal drawn up in blood with Sami "Serpent" Tenetz and Spikefarm/Spinefarm Records. One of the few who heard the demo was the Norwegian gent and musical arch-magician Victonik from Ved Buens Ende and DHG and upon hearing it he offered his services as bass and backing vocalist, becoming the third founding member of the band.

Later that same year, of 2003, the group embarked on their journey to the desolate North of Finland to record their now cult and underground masterpiece "Nouveau Gloaming". Joined on their isolating excursion by the ever misanthropic Aiwarikiar from cult Norwegian band Ulver on drums and Vyttra on second guitar. The album was mixed and mastered in 2004 by Vicotnik in Norway and released in 2005 to critical acclaim, pressed closely to the heart of all those who treasured a more "avantgarde and left-field form of black metal," fans and other bands alike. The title of the album could be translated as a "new twilight" and was intended to describe Code's more unique form of black metal music. The album has since been described in the press as "one of the best UK black metal albums ever released," as being "oceanic in vastness" and "an underrated cult gem."

Signed to Tabu records from Norway in 2008, it has taken four years of toil and tribulation for the band to create their follow-up album, releasing only a vinyl issue of their debut album, and an appearance on the second edition of the cult underground black metal compilation ‘The Wine Of Satan’, in the years between. The band have also been playing live shows of the Nouveau Gloaming setlist in Czech Republic, London, Germany and Holland, bringing their off-beat and eerie Victorian other-worldly stage show to unwitting observers and bystanders. Not ever concerned with churning out standard carbon-copy factory metal records, the result is that Code have taken their time to create an album that is a step far beyond the confines of their genre. The second album, Resplendent Grotesque, set for release in the spring of 2009, is a more honed and refined musical odyssey, getting to the roots and core of the Code sound yet progressive, intricate and intelligent in composition. Each part of the music and sound being developed and matured much further than before, the influences are beyond their genre and more difficult to define. Joined this time by Adrian Erlandsson from the legendary Swedish death metal group At The Gates on drums and recorded at Fredman Studios, Sweden, the band were able to really up the ante and give the new material the level of craftsmanship it required. This album is a brave step into uncharted territories in black metal offering listeners and their fans an experience that is timeless and without compare.

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