Green & Blue 2008: The Invitation (ENGLISH SPEAKERS read this)

  • Green & Blue 2008: The Invitation (ENGLISH SPEAKERS read this)

    Green & Blue 2008
    Sunday, September 7th 2008, 10h - 22h
    Atlantis Waldschwimmbad
    Badstrasse 19
    63179 Obertshausen
    Afterhour CocoonClub Frankfurt

    Green Floor:
    Sven Väth
    Extrawelt live (official Album Release)
    Onur Özer

    Blue Floor:
    Ricardo Villalobos
    Tolga Fidan live
    Loco Dice
    Tobi Neumann
    Chris Tietjen

    ...the wind whispers in the trees, the grass on the sunbathing lawn is sap green and people are dancing happily around you. After a refreshing bath in one of the deep blue pools, you are lingering around to one of the food stands and allow yourself a beer alongside your tasty Thai curry. Later in the evening, you enjoy the breathtaking visuals around you and have a little flirt with a raving bikini beauty...

    Is this paradise?

    Not exactly, but you can experience this at least for one Sunday in every year: Cocoon's Green & Blue Open Air at the Waldschwimmbad Obertshausen near Frankfurt Main / Germany offers probably the best in contemporary electronic music - with names like Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Mathew Jonson, Ricardo Villalobos, Josh Wink, Alter Ego or Guy Gerber - combined with an absolutely unique venue, laser visuals and fireworks.

    After five remarkable years of the Green & Blue, on September 7th 2008 it will tentatively be the last time that we transform a late summer Sunday in Obertshausen into a holiday. Make sure to get hold on yours, now as the run on the tickets has already started. We look forward to all people who have been celebrating with us before and those who will attend their first Green & Blue on September 7th. You're Green & Blue - we'd like to thank you for that by presenting the following line up:

    LET'S PARTY TOGETHER HARD AND CELEBRATE THE SIXTH YEAR OF GREEN & BLUE FROM 10 A.M to 10 P.M! ...AND THEN LET'S PROCEED TO COCOONCLUB! Yes, included in the ticket price is the chance to visit one of the world's leading nightclubs. You have the possibility to visit CocoonClub for the Green & Blue afterhour, where unexpected things will happen. This is a must-do for sure, since CocoonClub was just recently recognized as #1 best designed Nightclub by acclaimed Resident Advisor Magazine.

    So how will the line up at Green & Blue look like? First, of course, there are our headliners and the guarantors of everlasting happiness on all faces, Sven Väth and Ricardo Villalobos - introducing these exceptional DJs would truly mean to carry coals to Newcastle. So let's rather focus on the new acts which so far did not have the chance to create the magic atmosphere of Green & Blue: One of the premieres will be a live set by Extrawelt who will exclusively premiere songs from their upcoming debut album on Cocoon Recordings. This unique opportunity should be appealing to friends of sophisticated electronic dance music and be reason enough not to miss the event.

    Onur Özer from Turkey and Romania's finest techno export Raresh should be familiar names from the last Cocoon Compilation G or the Freak Show Pre-Season-Mix-CD from last year's Ibiza season, where both proved that they have earned their place in the premier league of producers and DJs.

    On the Blue Floor, hosted by Ricardo, he will welcome another special guest with Tolga Fidan, who is featured on the current Cocoon Compilation H. With the oriental sounds of the Tanbulistan-EP he has done magic to Sven Väth and grabbed attention by many other DJs. Last but not least, the party warhorses Loco Dice and Tobi Neumann will show off what's hot on this summer's party floors and will for sure cause mayhem on the dancefloor. And with Chris Tietjen, the next generation is again represented - by the way: he's responsible for the current Cocoon Pre-Season-Mix-CD "Disco Invaders" together with Reboot and Johnny D.

    We at Cocoon try everything to make you feel comfortable at Green & Blue, and make efforts to improve every year. This year we focus on improving two matters which are particularly important: service and responsibility.

    For us, service means that we learn from our mistakes and offer you additional benefits.

    Some examples: In order to facilitate the journey for our friends of Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Kaiserslautern and Heidelberg, besides the already existing cooperation with the Rhein Main public transportation company RMV, we started a cooperation with the Rhein Neckar public transportation VRN. The cooperation makes it possible to travel to Green & Blue via regional trains and busses from most of the Rhein-Main and Rhein-Neckar traffic zone. This is a neat deal for you, as you don't have to mess with purchasing bus tickets or anything.

    In addition, we now offer a very convenient way of purchasing tickets online and printing them at home. The tickets can be purchased online via, by credit card, PayPal or Giropay. It's very fast, convenient and a lot cheaper compared to the prices of other ticket retailers.
    We also implemented some changes and improvements on location: In response to your feedback to the 2007 event, we promise that the toilet situation will become much more relaxed. And for all visitors who want to go swimming, safe lockers will be available this year.

    The second matter we carefully thought about is environmental responsibility: We live in a society in which the care about environmental issues fortunately became a very important topic again.

    On September 7th we are not only responsible for you but also for our environment, so besides the things subject to be changed in the 2008 anyway, we introduce the following:

    - Catering: Newly purchased cups are Bioware products, which are fully compostable. The same applies to cutlery and plates.
    - Our deposit system creates less waste
    - We operate active waste separation, especially for glass and paper
    - Most of our artists play abroad on the eve of the events. Thus, we will charge the CO2 emissions generated from flights with
    Wherever possible, our DJs will travel by train.
    - Posters and flyers are printed on recycled paper
    - The bus and rail cooperation with RMV and VRN saves a large amount of gasoline and CO2
    - We will also increase the parking fees and donate 50 cent to Greenpeace for every parked vehicle
    - We'll focus on seasonal and organic food in all aspects of food and catering
    - Material, stage equipment and crew travel short distances to and from the event
    - The outdoor water is heated with solar energy

    However, we also consider the city of Obertshausen, which supports us greatly since many years: 1,000 tickets will be available to citizens of Obertshausen at a discounted price. After the event, we regularly donated several thousand euros to youth projects of the city, and so we will do this year again. Sven sure knows about his roots!

    You see, even in the sixth year of Green & Blue, we're concerned about offering an attractive Open Air event.

    We look forward to seeing you and the Green & Blue 2008!

    Ticket sales have just begun - secure your tickets now!

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