why are YOU into classical?

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    • 11 dec 2009, 22:57
    Simply because it is powerful, heroic and beautiful; untainted by the modern whore, a true gateway into a warrior and spiritual age.

  • My infatuation with classical started at 4 or 5... my dad bought me the fantasia movie, and though i was scared with some of the themes (the last one, when the devil and the corpses appear, and the sorcerer's apprentice(Mussorgsky and Dukas)) i loved the episodes of greek mythology and the animal dancers (Beethoven and Amilcare Ponchielli) actually, the greek characters from fantasia are still a reference to me. My first classical record was a compilation from famous marches... i was eight then and i loved it :D

    Eventually, my ex got me into classical again, and my love for this music got renewed: I love the baroque composers and the russians; Beethoven's music and the sorcerer's apprentice are still pieces i enjoy a lot :D my dad also loves classical music, so we listen and share lots of tracks and composers ;)

  • My dad’s fault 9_9 … XD

    Since I have memory my dad LOVES to listen classical music, so when I was like 5 years he sit me in front the stereo and put me a vinyl of the Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and show me who the same theme repeats and so… then he ask me if I liked show me little pieces like Prokófiev’s Peter and the Wolf and little ballet suites, after this day my musical life change... He take me to concerts, ballets, operas, and make me read books of Leopold Stokowski <3 and Tchaikovsky biographys. XD
    Then I take ballet classes… and well the schools in which I studied are of Fine Arts (INBA) ... a good reason for stay IN the classical scene.

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    • 17 dec 2009, 09:55

    For the whole

    Classical music has everything in it: from quiet and peaceful songs through very delicate ones on to the fast and really breath-taking :) It's good for relaxing, studying during it's play (as an ambient music) and - the toughest songs - can truly crush the emotions.
    I don't have any classical education nor anyone in the family who would be connected to it, but I listen to the classical since I remeber. It's a kind of habit, you know.

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    • 18 dec 2009, 06:55



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    • 22 jun 2010, 13:50
    Actually.. I don't know.. Once I listened to Korsakov's Scheherezade and it captivated me. The same thing with 9 symphony of Dvorak. I love it. And lately I got brilliant compillation of classical hits. That was it! I'm listening to it from a few days with a lot of pleasure. Probably soon will be period when I won't listen to classical but my music taste is very eclectic and several weeks ago I had that electro-period. Who knows what will be next :) But at the moment - /Holst - The Planets - Mars, the Bringer of War/ - amazing!

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    • 27 jun 2010, 05:51
    I've always loved music. When I was a kid, I took piano lessons, was in the school choir, and strangely had a teacher who loved opera and held an opera club that I would attend. I also really liked the movie Fantasia. Later I joined band, and we played a lot of band arrangements of great classical pieces. I credit all that time in band for giving me the ear to really appreciate both classical compositions and the technical skill needed to play them. We focused a lot on ear training, tuning harmonics, and music theory. As a result, I'm really picky about what recordings I listen to. >.<
    So overall...I guess I've liked classical music for as long as I can remember.

  • When I was a toddler, I was apparently utterly captivated by a production of Der Ring des Nibelungen on our local PBS. I watched it for hours, and wouldn't let my mother change the channel. This was long before I took any sort of music lessons or anything.

    I was a weird kid. >_>

  • I used to have a record stall and get bemused by the classical collectors who'd dismiss every other genre on offer; rock, soul, jazz, folk, blues...it was all just regarded as 'pop' to many of these people. They perhaps contributed to my previous alienating impression of the classical world. How could they understand music if they didn't have ears for some of the most exciting musical developments that had occured over the past hundred years?

    I did dip my toes in classical waters a little, largely thanks to having so much vinyl pass through my hands on a weekly basis. I'd enjoyed certain classical 'greatest hits' for example like Holsts' 'The Planets' or a Satie piece I'd recognise from a cigar advert. For me the musical categorisations most styles slip into have always had a certain irrelevance and I suppose it was inevitable that a greater appreciation of classical was around the corner at some point.

    I've always loved music that requires proper attention and reveals its delights after repeated listens. Certain Jazz and Prog Rock pieces fall into that category certainly and it was probably a beautiful Ravel piano piece, 'Le tombeau de couperin: III. Forlane', which opened up my ears to the treasures of classical from which I've never looked back. In fact I'd read on another internet forum that this piece may have been an early influence on King Crimson's Robert Fripp.

    Either way, I still listen to all the other stuff (the 'pop') but the classical world now brings added-extra wonderful dimensions of musical entertainment to me as well and I suspect it will continue to do so.

  • Sounds good. What else? I simply like it.

    forks for me!
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    • 9 jul 2011, 20:22
    I usually get bored very soon after listening to same music, because when I love a track or artist I listen and listen and listen again and again, till I learn it by heart, and there is nothing new to hear about it.
    And with classical music it's different. It takes time to get familiar with a piece, it takes more time to recognize it and I think it takes eternity to get bored to it. :)

    When I was a teenager, I used to hate classical, but then one day I found a Cd at home of Vladimir Horowitz playing piano, i listened, and I was surprised, because i liked it. I think i was around 18. And after entering University, I met some guys in my course, who very so knowledgeable in classical, that I felt ashamed and start listening to everything I could find. ;D

    The more I discover, the more I like.

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    • 11 jul 2011, 05:30
    When I was fourteen/fifteen I was heavily into Frank Zappa, who borrowed heavily from classical idioms to flesh out his material. Around this time I was broadening my musical horizons, looking away from ephemeral two-minute ditties and seeking out more challenging, rewarding music.

    Looking into Zappa's influences, I sought out Edgard Varese and Igor Stravinsky. I looked for all the modernists; I started out with "the wrong end" in a certain sense. At the age of seventeen most of my musical habits consisted of classical, and I heard the whole cannon - romantic, baroque, classicist, etc. To this day I must say I prefer a modern piece over the classics - it depends on the mood really.

    Anyone aiming to have a greater appreciation of music will inevitably find themselves hearing classical. There is a lot more stuff of interest for my ear there, far more layers that reveal themselves on repeated plays.

  • 1. It sounds great.

    2. Helps me understand music - ( the physical and theoretical aspects).

    3. Relaxes my brain.

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    • 16 apr 2012, 23:40
    I picked up classical piano when I was about 9 or 10. But back then I didn't really have a 'taste' in music and I never got to choose what I wanted to play so you could say the lessons tired me more than inspired me.

    Years after I quit, I started getting into metal and a friend introduced me to a great band with hints of neo-classical elements. I started appreciating classical more. Now that I am an 'experienced' listener of music, I truly enjoy classical pieces of all kinds that I never used to pay attention to and perhaps the only genre my ears are loyal to

  • Because I am.

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    • 20 dec 2012, 22:21
    I got into classical before I got into any other kind of music. I grew up at a time when most of the current pop music was awful, and the best music to be heard on the radio was classical. The thing about classical, much more than pop, was that it communicated purely through music, rather than words. For classical, it wasn't about a good beat, powerful lyrics, or a catchy tune. It was all about the music being able to communicate something to the listener without being propped up by something else.

  • I was used to orchestral music as a small kid, starting out with filmscore like John Williams, Miklos Rosza, Jerry Goldsmith when was about 9 years old. When I got older I wanted something more demanding and interesting so I started listening to Classical music, the switch to classical music wasn't a big one. In a way, since filmscore music often draws inspiration from classical music, it was fairly easy for me to appreciate classical music.

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    • 13 mar 2015, 19:12
    I remember my mom would always be playing Classical music throughout our home, so I guess I got into Classical music because of her. :) While we are both Mozart and Vivaldi fans, I'm more into Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Johann Strauss II, etc. And I've loved Bach's cello suites for as long as I can remember. Because of them, I actually want to learn to place the cello!

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    • 20 mar 2015, 18:07
    Being born in India, I was never really introduced to Western Classical music. But music was always an integral part of my life. I first got into metal at the age of 11, but my but my 11 year old self still loved the poppy old tunes from the 90s. Not to mention the Beatles, who were easily my most favourite band then. I was introduced to bands like Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Metallica all between i was 11 to 12. That explains how I was molded into a mixture of various musical genres. I started to listen to Classical Music when I was in my super-into-music phase, which was at around 16. I downloaded the "A Masterpiece Collection" from tpb after countless hours of listening on YouTube. I slowly began to realise that many of these tunes I have already heard at some point in my life. That pushed my interest further into Classical Music, and I began to look for more music that sounded familiar. In that, I found many other amazing pieces as well. Thus I began my journey into the realm of Classical Music. I have recently had a knack for the Classical Guitar, and that inspired me to buy one as well. Nevertheless, music has always been a predilection for me, and Classical Music has made me very much more open to other genres of music, which I would have never listened to before I got into Classical Music. And for that, among many other reasons, I absolutely love Classical Music.

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    • 23 jun 2015, 12:04
    I got into classical music due to my grandparents playing a lot of chopin & mozart on piano, It lit my heart. I've always been interested in playing piano myself but haven't had chance to do it. I'm thinking of starting this year, I'm also a huge fan of Tchaikovsky but have no idea why, I also (as sad as it sounds) gotten a lot more into classical music from anime, don't hate me.

  • Well I was going to write a bunch of nonsense / boring history about why i'm into Classical music, until I read this:

    "Simply because it is powerful, heroic and beautiful; untainted by the modern whore, a true gateway into a warrior and spiritual age."

    So, yeah, that sums everything.

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