• Favorite 90's Death Metal album?

    Deicide,before that album i was a little bitchy metalcore kid -_- that album made me a real man, best half an hour of my fucking life \m/ so raw and heavy, and not a single melodic moment, that album really set the bar for brutal death metal, Hails to DeicideDeicide

  • My favorite 90s album would have to be Butchered at Birth by Cannibal Corpse because the album art is just fucking stunning on its own especially for its time n the music took death metal and Cannibal Corpse to a new level with the guttural vocals, fast drums and heavy guitar riffs likeVomit the Soul for example

    Eating Cannibals
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    • 9 mar 2011, 19:28
    'Cause of Death' would rank very high for me.

  • Satanica, Symbolic, of Eaten Back To Life

    Music Project Check it out? Or don't, it's not like I'll know.
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