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    - Be A Better You
    - Live A More Fulfilling Life
    - Live A Happier Life
    - Live A Longer Life
    - Be Healthy
    - Feel Great Always
    - Take Control of Your Life
  • Blah.

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    I work too hard for too little.
  • 2011: More Free Download Experimental Albums from Speculativism

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  • Aindra Kirtan

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  • Pokemon Gothic and Pokemon Symphonic POKEDEX COMPLETE

    2 jan 2011, 22:29 av CGholy


    Yay for special editions.

    1. Tarja (Fire)
    2. Sharon den Adel (water)
    3. Liv Kristine (grass)
    4. Anette Olzon (Normal) Can evolve to any type, like Eevee.
    5. Amy Lee (Ice)
    6. Christina Aguilera (poison/fire)
    7. Britney Spears (fire/flying)
    8. Roy Khan (dragon/fire)
    9. Simone Simons (Fire/Dragon)
    10. Michael Jackson (ghost)
    11. Nicki Minaj (Steel)
    12. Emilie Autumn (dark/water)
    13. Robert Westerholt (electric)
    14. Tuomas Holopainen (bug) Only females can evolve to Katy Perry
    15. Katy Perry (bug/flying)
    16. Lady Gaga (electric)
    17. Vibeke Stene (Ice)
    18. Lisa Middelhauve (fire/psychic)
    19. Maxi Nil (ice)
    20. Nienke de Jong (poison/dark)
    21. Andrea Datwyler (grass)
    22. Sabine Edelsbacher (electric)
    23. Charlotte Wessels (fighting)
    24. Anneke van Giersbergen (flying)
    25. Floor Jansen (normal)
    26. Kelis (Rock)
    27. Madonna (dragon/dark)
    28. Ben Moody (fighting)
    29. Alexander Krull (dark/ground)
    30. Meat Loaf (Ground/Flying)
    31. James Hetfield (Dark/Steel)
    32. Seal (water/flying)
    33. Shakira (ground/fighting)
    34. Cristina Scabbia (fire)
    35. Martijn Westerholt (grass)
    36. Alla Fedynitch (ice/ghost)
    37. Nell Sigland (fire)
    38. Tim Curry (fighting/grass)
    39. Fergie (normal)
    40. Jonsu (grass/electric)
    41.Michael Kiske (water)
    42. Johnny Gioeli (steel)
    43. Frida Ohrn (flying)
    44.Emily Ovenden (fire)
    46. Mark Jansen (dark/poison)
    45. Scott Stapp (psychic/fighting)
    47. Helen Vogt (steel)
    48. Fernando Ribeiro (dark/poison)
    49. Peter Steele (steel)
    50. Carly Smithson (ghost)
    51. Marcela Bovio (fire)
    52. Mariangela Demurtas (ground/fighting)
    53.Ailyn (flying)
    54.Morten Veland (ice)
    55. Siobhan Donaghy (Ghost/water)
    56. Mutya Buena (Fire/flying)
    57. Lotta Höglin (water)
    58. P!nk (normal)
    59.Sarah Brightman (psychic/dragon)
    60. Mana (dark/psychic)
    61. Sakis Tolis (ground/steel)
    62. Jade Ewen (fire/ground)
    63. Amelle Berrabah (grass/ground)
    64.Heidi Range (ice/grass)
    65.Keisha Buchanan (electric/ground)
    66. Taylor Swift (grass)
    67. Andrew Fletcher (dark)
    68. Martin L. Gore (dark/water)
    69. Dave Gahan (dark/electric)
    70. Alan Wilder (Dark/ghost)
    71. Hannah Montanna (normal) [Miley Cyrus when holding the Disney Stone]
    72. Miley Cyrus (normal)
    73. "Weird Al" Yankovic (any pokemon can evolve into Weird al with the weird stone and will maintain it's type.)
    74. Justin Beiber (Noob/Normal)(When you breed Michael Jackson with Tuomas.)
    75. Kanye West (dark/fighting)
    76. Justin Timbalake (grass/fighting)
    77. Anders Jacobsson (dark/rock)
    78. Lisa Johansson (psychic)
    79.Sonya Scarlet (ghost/poison)
    80. Lord Vampyr (ghost)
    81. Lil' Kim (Steel)
    82.Lil' Wayne (normal)
    83. Chris Barnes (steel)
    84. Katie Price (normal)
    85. Will Young (normal)
    86. 50 Cent(steel)
    87. 2Pac (steel)
    88. Jay-Z (Rock/Ground)
    89. Alica Keys (grass)
    90. (dark/electric)
    91. Taboo (dark/electric)
    92. Cheryl Cole (water)
    93. Nicola Roberts (fire)
    94. Usher (dark/fire)
    95. Rihanna (fire)
    96. Slim Shady (fire)
    97.Akon (dark)
    98. Leona Lewis(water)
    99. Cher Llyod (Normal)
    100. Cher (rock)
    101. Beyoncé (fire/water)
    102.Kim Wilde (rock)
    103.Klaus Nomi (dark)
    104. Tracey Chapman (fighting/ground)
    105. Willow Smith (Electric) [breed Will Smith]
    106. Will Smith (Electric)
    107. Emma Bunton (normal)
    108. Melanie B (normal)
    109. Melanie C (normal)
    110. Victoria Beckham (normal)
    111. Geri Halliwell (normal)
    112. Ashley Tisdale (normal)
    113. Vanessa Hudgens (dark)
    114.T.A.T.U (Electric/rock) (Lena Katina and Julia Volkova in the same party and both over level 18)
    115. Lena Katina (electric)
    116. Julia Volkova (electric)
    117. Shirley Manson (Electric/dark)
    118. Ricky Wilson (rock)
    119. Candice (fromEths ) (Grass/Steel)
    120. Courtney Love (rock)
    121. Alanis Morissette (grass)
    122. Leona Lewis (water)
    123. Brian Molko (rock/dark)
    124. Stefan Olsdal (rock)
    125. Stephen Fry (steel)
    126. Hugh Laurie (steel)
    127. David Bowie (electric/rock)
    128. Cascada (electric/water)
    129. Nelly (ground)
    130. Nelly Furtardo (posion)
    131. Lily Allen (posion)
    132. Freddie Mercury (rock)
    133. Kate Bush (pyschic)
    134. Luciano Pavarotti (ghost)
    135. Johnny Cash (rock/pyschic)
    136. David Garret (ice)
    137. Alexander Rybak (ice)
    138. Christofer Johnsson (steel)
    139. Andrew Llyod Webber (dragon)
    140. Paul McCartney (rock)
    141. Jack Black (rock)
    142. Dolly Parton (rock)
    143. Ke$ha (electric/fire)
    144. Paris Hilton (psychic/grass)
    145. Ozzy Osbourne (steel/dark)
    146. Elvis Presley (Electric/Ghost)
    147. John Lennon (ghost)
    148.Rik Waller (normal)
    149.Björk (Ice/Dragon)
    150.Marcelo Cabuli (Dark/ghost)

    Default Moves may include
    Bootie Shake

    Gym Leaders



    Alice Cullen

    Doctor Who

    Franziska Von Karma

    Maya Fey

    Mr. Bean

    Main Characters - Luke and Flora

    Professor J.K Rowling and Professor Layton

    Rivals Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

    Nurse Marco

    Officer Emmpu - Always chasing down members of Team Hip Hop

    Elite Four: Fantina, Gandulf, Flannery and Voldemort

    Champion: Hermione.

    ===Team Hip Hop===
    Team: Taboo,, Fergie, Cheryl Cole, Nicki Minaj and Usher

    Exectutive Eminem
    Team: Slim Shady, Nicki Minaj, P!nk, Rihanna, Akon and 50 Cent.

    Exectutive Missy Elliot
    Team: Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Madonna, Usher and Jay-Z.

    Exectutive Snoop Dogg
    Team: Katy Perry, Alica Keys, Beyoncé, Fergie, Sharon den Adel and Tim Curry.

    LeaderSimon Cowell
    Team: Cheryl Cole, Rik Waller, Will Young, Leona Lewis, Justin Beiber, and Cher Llyod.
  • A Very Productive Time - 3 new albums + a Buddhist Christmas record!

    14 dec 2010, 19:06 av speculativism

    A Very Productive Time - 3 new albums + a Buddhist Christmas record! All full length streaming and free download.

    Glitchy Bricolage

    Hergest Bells


    A Speculative Christmas
  • Inspiration: FIFA World Cup 2010 and the grumpiest scan-man I have ever met

    17 okt 2010, 05:04 av aznsupragrl182


    I'm in the midst of state exams at the moment, but I couldn't resist the temptation to post. I have received a number of requests to publish something in my journal, even though no one bothers to comment - hence why I assume no one is reading, which is why I don't post. It's all very cyclical, you see :P

    Two questions were looming on my mind as I wrote this in May 2010.

    1. Having just encountered the most misanthropic individual who served me at the local supermarket, I started to wonder what the life of a scan-man involved.

    2. What do people think about before they die? People's lives don't flash-before-their-eyes". It makes a good film sequence, but I bet it's rubbish!

    This also became my creative writing piece for the Crime Writing topic we did at school, hence the extremely stitled middle section for genre subversive effect (I can't write anything abiding by the rules of the genre without it sounding like a Junior Nancy Drew paperback).

    In fact, my first draft for Crime Writing was a story about online cannibalism (inspiration: Armin Mewes, google him, what a freak! xD). I had written 300 words and submitted it to my teacher who looked at me as if she wanted to call the police, so I started from scratch and ended up with this!

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy this - even if it's just for the soccer ;D



    Felipe let out an exasperated sigh as he glowered menacingly at the endless queue that stretched before him. Thursday nights were the bane of his existence. Once again, he found no escape from the excessively generic muzak that dominated the airspace which deafened the pneumatic hiss of his cash register. Slumped over his work station, his head throbbed in a seizing pain as he clutched at his temples in an attempt to regain composure, but to no avail – his brief serenity interrupted by the screams of a toddler throwing a tantrum amongst the confectionery in aisle three.

    It was happening again. Hands shaking as perspiration began to collect at the nape of his neck, Felipe fumbled with the “Register Closed” sign. He sensed thirty pairs of eyes channel their collective irritation and rage at his general direction as he gingerly slinked away from the register, yelling, “I’m taking a break!” at his manager, who was nowhere to be seen.

    Felipe’s feeble saunter turned into a bolt as his airways began to constrict. Nausea and confusion and panic and vertigo rose within his ribcage as he battled desperately to suppress the meaningless stream of barcodes which began to surface from the depths of his memory. Imprints of binary and parallel lines of varying width tainted his mind black and white and infrared as Felipe ran down the aisles crammed with stacked shelves full of products and price he new by heart, grimacing as his mind strained to forget in a fraught endeavor to assume control.

    Weak with fatigue, Felipe slowed to a halt, his chest heaving as he tried to steady his shallow breathing. Heart rate abating, the plod of heavy, shuffling footsteps became audible, suddenly ceasing behind him. Squinting at the strobing lights that adorned the ceiling, Felipe caught sight of the man.

    He was a short, potbellied man with a face like a kicked-in peach; his prominent jowls sagging southwards. Sparse, greasy strands of hair were gelled in a comb-over that exposed his sunburnt and cratered scalp. He stood unnaturally upright which served only to exaggerate his minute stature as he grinned maniacally at Felipe, revealing jagged, missing teeth. Felipe felt his skin crawl in a mixture of disdain and condescension.

    “Could ya tell me where the pantyhose are, mate?”

    The man’s blood-drained lips quivered as he spoke in a hurried fashion. Felipe raised his eyebrows quizzically, bemused at the very thought of the man donning fishnets. Meanwhile, the man shifted his weight from one leg to another, his pupils darting about the aisle, failing to maintain eye contact.

    “Sure,” murmured Felipe as he waved his hand, motioning the man to follow him.

    “They’re for my girlfriend, you know,” the man gasped, trotting alongside Felipe, unable to match the speed of his gait.

    “Ah, she must be a very…lucky woman,” replied Felipe, lying through his teeth.
    They stopped in front of the neat rows of women's pantyhose.

    “Well, thanks,” the man muttered.

    Before turning on his heel and strolling in the opposite direction, Felipe gave the man a cursory glance as he began to peruse the aisle.


    “Oh my god! He’s got a gun!”

    Chaos ensued as shrieks pierced the muzak dominion of the supermarket, shoppers ducking behind sales signs as they clutched their children, others fleeing in a frenzied stampede. Felipe bolted to the scene, surveying the cowering customers, about fifty in all, wide-eyed and whimpering.

    “Get on the goddamn floor, NOW!”

    Felipe stared, bewildered.
    It was crater-face, his asymmetrical head in an opaque stocking, wielding a miniature revolver. Felipe collapsed into uncontrollable peals of laughter.

    “Oh bravo – makeshift balaclava, Aisle 6. Women’s underwear.”

    “One more word from your mouth, and I’ll blow your fuckin' head off!”

    “With what? Humour me, a plastic Colt? Aisle 18. Children’s toys,” spat Felipe, as he advanced upon the gun-toting assailant.

    And with that, the stocking-clad man raised his pistol and fired.
    The bullet pierced through layers of skin and tissue before exiting between the discs of Felipe’s spine with a spurt of cerebrospinal fluid, propelling fragments of his shattered sternum into the atrium of his heart. It is worth mentioning what Felipe couldn’t remember in that split second between life and death, given that there was nothing that was previously known to him in time, space, touch, symbols, taste, signatures or billboard signs that he would have forgotten.

    Felipe did not remember the significance of today, November the 21st, being the second anniversary of his stale and predictable relationship with Danielle – a woman he dreaded. He did not remember her horse-like features that he once found alluring, nor did he remember what he considered attractive in a woman; charisma and an irresistible grin, of which time had robbed Danielle of both. Felipe did not remember the dilapidated flat they shared; its substandard workmanship and creaking doors, its mean little rooms crammed with books filled with now useless knowledge. He did not remember being enthralled by knowledge in his youth, scouring books in the quest for enlightenment. Felipe did not remember any of the languages he spoke fluently (three), any of the Beatles hits he had ever sung in succession (fourteen) or any of the university degrees he had ever signed up for or dropped out of (eight, and still counting). None of these things did he remember, not one. He did not remember an instance in which a customer was ever right – even though one such circumstance had occurred seconds ago, he did not remember that either.

    But what he did remember was the sensation of the knobbly cobblestones underfoot as he marveled at the afternoon sun lengthening the shadows that slid down the street – a memory of 20 summers ago almost lost upon the chain of exploding neurotransmitters that extinguished the synaptic tinkering encased within inanimate grey matter.

    Transported in a fragment of suspended time, Felipe is sitting on the flood wall, tracing sea chill with his fingertips, the crusty salt-laden air engulfing his senses. The eager yelps of the neighbourhood boys milling on the esplanade in tense anticipation fill the air. The main attraction, a frayed and regurgitated mess of a scruffy soccer ball. He feels his body gravitate toward the action, a small jerk in his stomach willing him to partake in the game. Now amongst the crowd, the other boys rearrange themselves to accommodate his presence. He introduces himself and smiles with gratitude; they acknowledge him with a curt nod.

    They advance upon the deserted beach as the game unfolds, feet pattering against the sand as the faux leather of the ball skims the surface – he’s enthralled, transfixed, memerised; sold on the sport’s exquisite simplicity, spellbound by its physical rhythm, its raw energy. As Felipe’s brain faces its prolonged, horrific end, this memory freezes as his concept of time is lost upon nostalgia and poised consciousness. But for now, Felipe makes time. Time for memories tangled in slivers of music, sand and euphoria; his youth, the sea breeze and an endless summer.

  • Letter IV: To The Sibling

    30 sep 2010, 03:18 av aznsupragrl182

    Dearest you,
    You have a gargantuan propensity for procrastination and you are the Crown Prince of Stupefyingly Lazy. Ironically, you spend longer in the bathroom than I do and yet your hygiene practices still remain questionable - your room a health hazard; the world's cesspool of sudden death and olfactory rape. I avoid lending you money like THE PLAGUE because you have no intention of paying me back. Nine times out of ten, you buy pointless crap. You refuse to spend money on anyone else but yourself.

    Example: Your first date with your horrible ex-girlfriend was situated in your crappy Purple Ford Fiesta parked in a full car park, devouring $6 doner kebabs.

    You are passive-aggressive, a creature of impossible impulse, an elected ignorant and twenty-three going on twelve and I let you know it. I'm an intellectual elitist, a histrionic pre-menstrual psychopath, chronic organisational freak and seventeen turning fifty. I know this because you never let me forget it - it's not as if I don't try, but your words stick. Worst of all, I actually care about what you think. Even worse, I cry hard over the things that you say and do, but it's the things that you don't say and don't do that make me cry the hardest.

    But even when I distance myself from you in social situations or pretend I'm superior because I'm smarter (you always say so!), I adore you more than anyone or anything.I love your physical and emotional strength, your jar-opening hands, your bone-crushing hugs, our muted laughter and slurred 2AM conversations whispered between our rooms about everything and nothing.

    You have a tremendous capacity for humour, tolerance and forgiveness. Even when it's my fault, you always say sorry first. You exist in fragments of interrupted sunshine and contentment - the memories of my childhood. You reign in the recollections of my sepia euphoria which pulses in my beating heart.

    Our filial connection is tangible, strong yet unspoken. Our hair, our lips, our eyes, our origins are one; you, always my brother and me, forever your sister.

    P.S. The year is 2007, a deliciously cold December in Osaka. My hands tremble as I take off my black gloves and capture this moment.
    I grew up in a different country and you dyed your hair a ridiculous shade of orange.

  • New (September 2010) Album - Free Download

    11 sep 2010, 01:47 av speculativism

    The new album Is:

    The Sleepwalkers which includes the single:

    Number One

    and don't forget The Bok is Flowing

    All full streaming

    All free download

    All under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution / Non-Commercial / No Derivatives

    The title refers to a book by Arthur Koestler...
  • The Greatest Vol. 1

    7 sep 2010, 17:38 av nick-felix