• 20 from 2008

    20 dec 2008, 19:57 av Spinafro

    01 Twine - Violets (Ghostly International)
    02 William Parker - Double Sunrise Over Neptune (Aum Fidelity)
    03 Shackleton & Appleblim - Soundboy's Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals (Skull Disco)
    04 Four Tet - Ringer EP (Domino)
    05 Fennesz - Black Sea (Touch)
    06 Emanuele Errante - Humus (Somnia)
    07 Tricky - Knowle West Boy (Domino)
    08 Flying Lotus - Los Angeles (Warp)
    09 Murcof - The Versailles Sessions (Leaf)
    08 Dusk & Blackdown - Margins Music (Keysound)
    09 Mira Calix - The Elephant in the Room: 3 Commissions (Warp)
    10 Goldie - Sine Tempus (Metalheadz)
    11 iTAL tEK - Cyclical (Planet Mu)
    12 Deadbeat - Roots and Wire (Wagon Repair )
    13 Jóhann Jóhannsson - Fordlandia (4AD)
    14 Leila - Blood, Looms and Blooms (Warp)
    15 Mathias Eick - The Door (ECM)
    16 Sparkling Wide Pressure - Guide Me Little Tape (Digitalis)
    17 Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Joan - Undetermined Other (Dead Pilot)
    18 Jazz Liberatorz - Clin D'oeil (P-Vine)
    19 Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid - NYC (Domino)
    20 Valerio Cosi - Collected Works ()
  • Super-awesome charts for whenever you want

    23 feb 2008, 15:30 av aradnuk

    For whatever reason, LastFM doesn't allow you to give two dates and see a chart of what you listened to in that time, so I made it instead. For example, this is my chart for 2006. It's quite cool poking about with different dates and seeing how your taste has changed through months and years.

    If you want to do the same with your data, go here, stick your username in the box and wait for everything to be collected. You have to do this if you want your data updated too.

    Some people seem to have a few corrupted weeks, for example this should be one for lbf but an artist has become '??t?Ê?¤?Õ'. Not sure what I can do about that. If you get any errors, report them back here or PM me and I'll see if they can be fixed. (It'll tell you of an error the first time you make a chart but if you're loading one that's been cached then you won't get the notice.)

    The rest is self-explanatory. Oh, dates must be in the format dd-mm-yyyy. And numitems is the number of artists to display in the chart.

    Enjoy :-)
  • 30 for 2007

    24 dec 2007, 00:27 av Spinafro

    Yeah, this are my 30 names that impressed me during 2007, a fine year for wine and electronic music.

    01. Burial - Untrue
    02. Amon Tobin - Foley Room
    03. The Marcia Blane School For Girls - Halfway Into The Woods
    04. Yesterdays Universe - Yesterdays New Quintet
    05. Rafael Anton Irisarri – Daydreaming
    06. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - The Garden of Forking Paths
    07. Machinefabriek - Weleer
    08. False - False
    09. Boxcutter - Glyphic
    10. 4hero - Play With The Changes
    11. Opsvik & Jennings - Commuter Anthems
    12. Murcof - Cosmos
    13. Commix - Call To Mind
    14. Geiom - Island Noise
    15. Lynx - Disco Dodo/Wonder 12"
    16. Breakage - Claredon/The Shroud 12"
    17. Gultskra Artikler - Kasha Iz Topol
    18. Lynx - Carnivale/Reverse Engineering 12"
    19. Kira Neris - Behind Closed Doors
    20. Dag Rosenqvist & Rutger Zuydervelt - Vintermusik
    21. Laub - Deinetwegen
    22. Christian Fennesz + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Cendre
    23. Deepchord presents Echospace - The Coldest Season
    24. Colleen - Les Ondes Silencieuses
    25. Rod Modell - Incense & Black Light
    26. Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Jinx
    27. Disrupt - Foundation Bit
    28. Caribou - Andorra
    29. High Contrast - Tough Guys Don't Dance
    30. Ashtmatic Athlete - Space Night
  • Another legend gone...

    14 jan 2007, 17:57 av JRMorton

    After the death of soul legend James Brown another great jazz musician of our time passed away. Grammy Award winner Michael Brecker passed away yesterday at the age of 57 after two and a half year of battle with MDS and leukemia. (Bloomberg)

    He always was and always will be a source of inspiration for my own saxophone sound. Thanks Michael!

    On his wife Susan Brecker asks for donations to the Marrow Foundation in lieu of flowers. All the strenght they need to her and her daughters in this difficult time.
  • Dare I ask your age?

    3 okt 2006, 22:38 av zezinho57

    Also born in the fifties?

    Yes ???

    Whether you're a per
    or a one
    (from a time, long before our
    -grand-children reinvented this word)

    a star
    or a y "looser",

    I invite you to join this newly created group.

    Doing this you're never an -:)

    Hope to see you !,

  • Jazz videos at

    4 sep 2006, 20:52 av zezinho57

    I just found out about this site where you can see some interesting jazz videos.

    F.e. The only documented performance by Trane and Getz together!

    Also: Parker, Davis, Hawkins , Monk, Holliday and others

    See it yourself!

    Ram-format as far as I've seen.
  • It's the Bird's birthday... and nobody cares!

    1 sep 2006, 05:26 av JRMorton

    What's going on? Nobody cares?? Sad, sad...

    At least my local jazz radio had a special day!! That was cool!
  • A band and a studio ... or how to document an album recording on YouTube

    29 jul 2006, 03:12 av JRMorton

    One of my favourite bands, Alaska is at the moment (yes right now) in the studio to record their second album. A famous guy named Victor Rice is going to mix it in his studio in Brazil!

    So far, so good now to the bonus part: because they are a bunch of creative heads with quite some multimedia thinking they are documenting their days in the studio and you can watch in YouTube:

    go to:

    (one little problem it's in German only, but most of the movies are funny even if you don't understand their talking...)
  • Dick Twardzik's astounding piano playing

    26 apr 2006, 18:22 av talking_animal

    In my twenties I used to stroll through the Museum of Modern Art's top floor, stop by the edition of Breuer's Wassily chair on display, and think, "Marcel B. designed this when he was 23. What have I done?"

    I should probably add Richard Twardzik (known as "Dick Twardzik" on the album cover) to my list of folks who accomplished a great deal before they turned 24 (Alexander the Great? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?). Twardzik was a pianist who died an untimely death at 24, in 1955, and his 74th birthday comes up this Sunday.

    All this comes to mind because I auditioned the Pacific Jazz LP "Trio" at the library this morning. This record, which is available on CD as a costly Japanese reissue has one side of Twardzik with bass and drums and one side of fellow pianist Russ Freeman with bass and drums (his drummer is Shelly Manne).

    Twardzik does three originals: "Crutch for the Crab," "Albuquerque Social Swim," and "Yellow Tango," as well as Thelonious Monk's "'Round About Midnight," "Bess, You Is My Woman Now," from Porgy & Bess, and the standard "I'll Remember April."

    What's really astonishing about his playing is the depth of his harmonic invention. He's taken all the lessons of bebop piano playing as exemplified by Bud Powell but he adds an incredible sense of harmony; it sounds on the record as if he has a third hand that snakes around his back and pokes at the left-hand side of the keyboard. "Albuquerque Social Swim" uses stops and starts and little trills and exercises to poke fun (as Freeman, who wrote the liner notes, says) at intellectuals he met in Albuquerque, NM. To me, fifty years on, listening to the original vinyl release, it sounds like fearless, breathtaking playing, the kind of piano that puts me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next astounding harmonic invention.

    Considering the record is contemporary with Jazz Giants '56, the classic Lester Young small-group record, it's pretty astonishing what kinds of ideas Twardzik brought to his playing that were complete novelties at the time. The harmonies he uses remind me more of Igor Stravinsky (who I believe was living in California at the time) than Monk, especially on "'Round About Midnight," where Twardzik turns what in Monk's hands sounds stately and gorgeous but static in the harmonic sense into an elaborate shifting tone poem. Breathtaking.
  • Join the 'Charlie Parker' Group now!

    4 apr 2006, 14:40 av JRMorton

    ... In some ways, he was like Picasso, ever searching for new ways of expression, bored with the stereotyped changes in ad-libbing (impressions) ... And like Picasso, once arrived at his ultimate style, he stayed there since imitators could not comfortably or naturally follow his direction. (...) Unfortunately, Parker lived 35 years, Picasso almost 95. Michael H. Goldsen, Publisher

    An artist compared to Picasso really deserves his own group! Now it's here: the Charlie Parker group, everthing regarding Charlie Parker...

    If you love him, hate him, you never heard of him or just want to add another group to your profile just join.