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Skapad den: 13 jun 2008
Open to all. Owner Approval only so I can welcome you. : )

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I have always wanted some sort of central place where I could find artists available in Last.fm. As things are, everyone is scattered all over the site and I am not permitted to join artist-only groups.

I want to browse new or upcoming artists, or famous ones if they're here! I want to know the latest news about releases and maybe free mp3s. I want to see new videos as soon as they're ready. Maybe you do too.

Last.fm does not allow spam, but that means it's harder for artists to put the word out. Hopefully, this is the middle ground.


* create a dedicated thread
* put your artist/band name in the title and one or two genre identifiers (if you put 'indie', add something else to help us)
* this thread is all yours, to do with as you wish. Post your news and videos. Tell us about any promotional free mp3s.
* tag yourselves to appear in the global tag radio for this group
* put the group name in your sig so others can find it too


* this is where you can browse artists who also use Last.fm
* keep up-to-date with your favourites, chat, add as friends
* if you wish to help promote an artist who is not a Last.fm user, please PM me
* tag artists to help build the global radio
* put the group name in your sig so others can find it too

The Rules:

* Only one thread per artist. Duplicates will be removed.

* Site rules apply. Spammers / trolls / abusive people will be banned. No discussion, no appeal.
* Self-promo is permitted within dedicated threads only.
* I will moderate lightly as your leader but otherwise, the group is yours to have fun with.
* Group Connections are limited to 200. I will add the first 200 but after that, there isn't much I can do, hence my suggestion for global tag radio.

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