Le Berger (minimalist, ambient, drone, neo-classical)

  • Le Berger (minimalist, ambient, drone, neo-classical)

    Hi everyone, I'm the man behind Le Berger, not too hard to figure out huh?

    I create music solely from waveforms and I have two albums out there as of yet:

    De fe'kun.dus ad salus

    A Crow Zomal Reaction at Jest Station
    Gnascor Encore & Core à Corps
    Undescript, Unspoiled, Undivided
    Duo not Dao


    Sounds of the Sleepless Sam Vol.I

    0001 [Thanks to Gary & Kerry]
    0002 [Thanks to Tony & Steve]
    0003 [No thanks to you]
    0004 [Thanks to Brad]
    0005 [Thanks to Thomas & Jonas]
    0006 []
    0007 [Thanks to Bobby the Navigator]

    They are currently available for free download here on last.fm, however for much better quality audio, download them from right here.

    FYI, I'm in the process of remastering the first one, and there's also gonna be a little story for every tune on it and all. Comin' up before New Year's Eve, for those who enjoy be on the look out.

    Cheers, create a nice day!

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