The Hillfields - dreamy indie guitar pop C86

  • The Hillfields - dreamy indie guitar pop C86

    Hi there.. check out my band The Hillfields on Last fm, and on the following sites..

    We'll be back gigging sometime in the summer, but our debut Lp "It'll never be the same again" is out now and you can order copies directly from us as above....

    let us know if you like it!



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  • oh and you can also find some of my solo stuff at last fm under the name "rob boyd" or at


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    • 21 jan 2010, 01:01 page: The Hillfields

  • new Ep news...

    The Hillfields have a new ep recorded... its called "Come Outside" and is six tracks long

    Colour it in / Talk too much / Not on holiday / Mix Tape / Canvey Island Queen / What did you mean?

    Released at the end of May on Underused Records, more to follow

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