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  • So Nice To Drive Home To - anything and everything...

    So Nice To Drive Home To is the pet project of Oscar Explores The World Outside members xlephierprime and the_poosh (also known as The Courageous Egg and Look to Windward respectively). In their spare time, the pair get together and improvise music influenced by post-rock, punk, reggae, jazz, house... whatever the instruments they have on hand can produce.

    Their debut album, Asterism, is a strange mix of happiness, absurdity, satire, art, a sense of disconnection, crushing despair; unanswered questions, unquestioned answers; glimpses of some complex musical organism that writhes below the surface of the duo's innocuous instrumentation.

    Rational Insanity is the EP released in the wake of Asterism's broken ground. Featuring extended instrumentation, the EP features the hit singles Diagnosis??, a grandiose fuzz-rock house mosh, and Fur Coats Don't Forge Caustic Adversity, a heart-wrenching ballad about the glimpse of light at the end of an infinite tunnel.

    SNTDHT are currently working on a third album, Old Beginnings. The name reflects on the band's nature - while maintaining the youthful spirit of musical adventure, the duo are heading towards a higher standard, to create an ultimatly unforgettable musical experience that ticks all the boxes, whatever survey they're filling out.

    Enjoy, at your own risk.

    I make de magiks as Cherax Destructor.
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