The Trees alternative Rock /Indie

  • The Trees alternative Rock /Indie

    Hi just joined up to last fm must admit finding the arstist section a little hard to navigate but getting there i think, uploaded some of our songs and vids for free download and streaming would be greatfull for all feedback

    hope you enjoy

    Alternativly some more vids here that will be uploaded to last fm very shortly

    Will be more to come in the very near future

    " New songs uploaded 1 a work in progres

  • couple of new songs added 1 more to go then this album is complete and we start on our new poject :)

  • TheTrees New song, Indie, Alternative
    Hi all,

    We have added a new song : With Stars Dancing

    Completing our First album

    Its all Free :)

    As full track streaming isnt available at the moment you can get them from here (free)

    Hope you enjoy All feedback is welcome

  • TheTrees are pleased to announce some new material, our first offering is Tracey's House a slightly more uptempo song about a not too pleasant street near us and the life people lead there. Also a bonus song Greenhills, a romantic reflection of more hedonistic times. Tracy's House is also available from our reverbnation page. Our website is nearly done now too and is available for viewing at There are still a few bugs but its getting there. We cant thank you enough for your patience and we hope you enjoy our release. More to come soon TT

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