Phil Wilkerson - Ambient, experimental, minimal, wherever the Muse leads me..

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    • 13 jun 2008, 20:33

    Phil Wilkerson - Ambient, experimental, minimal, wherever the Muse leads me..

    Glad to be invited here and in such *great* company, too. I started creating music when I was a teenager, recording to an 8-track system, playing piano and guitar, then in the late 90s, someone gave me a Korg sound module and I patched it into a Roland electric piano and was hooked. I got sidetracked raising my family for a few years then came back to recording music in late 2005 when it finally dawned on me how to make a simple tone-generator / USB connection play and record through a software sequencer. It's all been experimentation ever since.

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  • Beautiful and intelligent ambient sounds that have been in my ears for about a year... can't wait to hear your forthcoming eclectic electro stuff! Great that you are here with us...

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    • 15 jun 2008, 17:13

    Upcoming Release: Microlinear on Clinical Archives

    You can preview some tracks from the new release here:

    Preview Tracks include (in order of my favorite):

    1.) All Reasons Constant Remain
    2.) Segue
    3.) 145 W Broadway
    4.) Smoke & Mirrors
    5.) Mixed Media
    6.) Molecular
    7.) Datum
    8.) Love Inexpressible
    9.) The Road to You (Is Never Long)

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    • 16 jun 2008, 12:26

    New Release Now Available....

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    • 9 jul 2008, 16:17

    Constant 14

    This week Treetrunk Records released my contribution to the Constant series: Constant 14.

    Constant 14 is a longform ambient drone, light and shimmery, with beautiful interlacing harmonics. It is very easy to listen to, sleep to, or play as a low-volume, minimal ambient piece.

    Download Constant 14 as a single track, 60'16" minutes in length, from

    Available as VBR MP3, Ogg Vorbis, or 64Kbps MP3.

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    • 14 aug 2008, 17:58

    Still Point - Upcoming release....

    Upcoming release. Just wanted to let you know that you can preview my upcoming release, Still Point, at the player on my webpage ( It will be released at before the end of August.

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    • 27 aug 2008, 18:59

    New Release now available - Still Point

    Phillip Wilkerson and the Earth Mantra netlabel have released a new ambient project entitled Still Point.

    Still Point joins Phillip's Ambient Series in his growing catalogue of Creative Commons releases. The 8 tracks on this release are "pure" ambient tracks featuring gentle soundscapes, amorphous textures, and shimmering tone washes.

    The new release is available free, for download, at the following link:

    You can stream / preview the tracks at

    Visit Phillip Wilkerson's website and weblog at:

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    • 7 feb 2009, 16:02

    New Experimental Release: Penumbra [JNN029]

    Phillip Wilkerson and Just Not Normal netlabel have released a new 30-minute experimental track entitled Penumbra.

    "As coincidence would have it, JNN released Phillip Wilkerson's Penumbra
    just in time for the February 9, 2009 full moon. A full moon which, as
    the universe would have it, coincided with a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
    visible in eastern Europe, Asia, Australia, the Pacific, and western
    North America."

    Penumbra page at JNN website

    Download Penumbra at:

    Phillip Wilkerson

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