Fade From Nothing - Industrial/Experimental/Hard Rock

  • Fade From Nothing - Industrial/Experimental/Hard Rock

    Fade From Nothing is the musical collaboration of us, Chris Adair and Trevor Miller. Our work is done solely over the net: exchanging ideas, sound clips, and songs themselves through email and facebook. The music is primarily instrumental, ranging from levels of ambiance, industrial, and hard rock. We released our self-titled debut in February 2010. In November, 2010, we released our second collection titled “Within Inches of Your Life.” The album was met to generally positive criticism among peers, and marked a much more textured sound than our first collection of songs. In March 2011, we released a cover of Saul Williams’s “Banged and Blown Through”. We are currently working on material for their third album, tentatively due November 8, 2011.

    check us out here on last.fm:
    Fade From Nothing

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    And our official site:
    FFN Official Site

    All of our music is, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, free for download.

  • New album is out now. Download your copy at www.fadeintonothing.bandcamp.com and you'll get a bonus PDF packed with the art booklet for the album.

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