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'cassette culture' then and now.

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cassette culture kassettenkultur πολιτισμός κασετών cassette cultuur culture de cassette cultura del cassette...

For those interested in the bands and artists first active in the 'cassette culture' of the late 70s to early 90s in the US, UK and Europe and in the new generation of cassettists... take a look at this list of 101 of them:

This group is not about mix tapes.

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cassette culture, home-taping, cassette label, post-punk, noise, EBM, industrial music, post-industrial music, minimal electronic, lo-fi, DIY culture, messthetics

A few links:
>> Wikipedia entry on Cassette Culture (a bit of a mess)
>> Cassette Culture discussion list - Links page (Europe oriented list, but N. American participation and links)
>> Cassette Culture bulletin board (more N. America oriented)
>> 'Wild Planet' - 1983 article listing some of the best-known artists of the European Cassette Culture
>> The Living Archive - 'Don Campau's personal history of cassette culture, home taping, underground music and radio from the early 1980s to the present.' (currently more N. America oriented but aiming for international coverage)
>> Huge image library of cassette-only releases at the site of VOD-Records, a label responsible for many high-quality reissues of cassette culture music.

Many other links here:


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