Perfect mix tape for Spring 08?

    • APB1979 sa...
    • Användare
    • 1 maj 2008, 18:36

    Perfect mix tape for Spring 08?

    Hi everyone, welcome to all new members!

    I just wanted to say sorry for having been a bit lax recently with linking our group to upcoming events. I've had a few things on my plate for a while, but I'll try and be more diligent :)

    (If you ever want any events linked up that I have missed, please just let me know. It's a shame only the group leader can do it, but there we go.)

    Anyway, here's a thought. It's spring. New life, new music, new mood. So, how about letting everyone know your perfect playlist for Spring 08? Here are my arbitrary rules:

    1) max 10 tracks
    2) at least one artist in your mix tape to be playing in Cardiff this year
    3) a pithy blurb as to why your compliation is so utterly fab

    Thanks and good luck!

    • meefy sa...
    • Användare
    • 12 aug 2008, 22:37

    Would a summer 08 one be ok?

    Does this have to be only from albums this year or anytime? I assume anytime as in spring it wouldn't have given much of a choice.

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