Check my noise project!

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    • 18 jul 2008, 18:20

    Check my noise project!

    Check out my noise/ ambient/ avant-garde project its possible to download most of the tracks from the first album I made, there will be more albums uploaded later. Im working on more material, the second album will probebly be allot darker than the first one cause the first one is most mind fuckin and exprimental. Check it out: Sexuellt Överförbar Infektion

  • Canoply Games. New album.
    "Heap of a coal crumb" ("Куча угольной крошки")
    13 tracks.
    free download

  • I won't try to verbally sell this to anyone, but my album is available here: . I'm constantly making new material which I will freely distribute if you catch me on soulseek - Fritz McKrieg is the name.

  • Canoply Games - Post-Music#2

    "It not music, it something other..." - the press about album Post-Music#2 writes. We suggest you to listen new creation of experimenters from snow Siberia.

    Canoply Games - Post-Music#2 (the album is published on label HAZE; to buy in high quality - - listen my project

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