Pagan Wanderer Lu releases new album 'Fight My Battles For Me' and a free…

  • Pagan Wanderer Lu releases new album 'Fight My Battles For Me' and a free MP3 compilation

    Cripes! PWL mania! FREAL!

    So, Fight My Battles For Me is out, and we are busy busy trying to let the world know.

    So, all this week Pagan Wanderer Lu is blogging for The Independent Online's Independent Minds network and giving away tracks from his back catalogue. See it here -

    The free tracks form 'Road Safety Facts', a potted-history compilation that you can get at

    The Fight My Battles For Me CD is in all rad indie stores and web shops now... so, have a look, have a read, check back throughout the week, share the page, and of course - buy the record!


    Pagan Wanderer Lu's amazing new album Fight My Battles For Me is released on CD via Cargo Distribution on June 15th. Plan B magazine have described it as "a magnus opus", and Huw Stephens has called PWL "a breath of fresh air". This album is one of the most musically intriguing and lyrically labyrinthine you'll hear all year. Get it from iTunes, eMusic, 7digital and Amazon now, or from your local indie record shop. And check out the almost-finished 15 films project to find out more...

    Good stuff. Thanks For reading.


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