Soundtrack of the movie Grbavica

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    • 1 mar 2010, 14:01

    Soundtrack of the movie Grbavica

    I've been searching now for a long time for the soundtrack of Grbavica. Does somebody knows where/how i can get it? Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am in love with the song Zabranjeno Pusenje & Arabeske - Kad procvatu behari :)

    Kisses inge

  • I beleive you can find all of the songs on youtube. As for the official OST, I'm not sure it's released yet.

    ...rođen sam u getu, rođen sam tačno u čas da vidim...
    ...i was born in the ghetto, i was born just in time to see...
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