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British independent music specialist

If there is a new release on Boomkat you like please include it in the RECOMMENDATIONS so we can all get a slice of it.

"A specialist music website brought to you by a dedicated team who have been operating in this field for over 7 years now - building up a huge resource of information and opinion about music that exists beyond the radar. Our product extends to cover the most underground forms of Electronic music, Hip Hop, Post-Folk, Alt.Country, IDM, Electro, Acoustica, Post-Rock, Ambient, Micro House, Detroit Techno, Mentalism, Electropop, Indiepop, Grime, Free Jazz, Modern Composition, Cologne Techno, Future Disco, Drone, Sublow, Soundtracks, Noise and out and out post-generic objects of wonder.

Whether you're a vinyl junky or just suffer from an insatiable apetite for new and hitherto unknown forms of music, if you're a DJ, a budding B-boy, a home listening cd-collector or if you're just starting to delve into the furthest recesses of unusual new music, we have all the resources necessary to make it easy for you to dip your toes into this vast ocean of new sound. From our in-depth reviews to a huge selection of music available for your listening pleasure on our Jukebox, we're here to make it easier for you to happen across music that doesn't have any obvious platform, and sometimes doesn't even have a name. We're here searching for new music every day, digging, sniffing out, mining every corner of the world to find the good stuff, all you need to do is give it a listen. Enjoy!"

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