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Bloodshy and Avant are a music production and songwriting team from Sweden. They are also known as Böz O Lö, SOIDOG, or Robotberget.

With the European sound has been dominating our airwaves, I want to introduce a great production duo out of Sweden. Not known to the public like many other producers (Timbaland, Dr. Dre, The Neptunes, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis), I feel this duo Bloodshy & Avant has been going under a lot of people’s radar; pun intended. Consisting of Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg, Bloodshy and Avant have been producing hits for Britney Spears, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Lopez, Kelis, and Christina Milian; just to name a few artists.

Most notably they killed Britney Spears’ 2007 album, “Blackout“, which was one of the best produced albums of that year. With the current craze of the synth heavy European dance sound dominating our airwaves, I don’t understand why record companies don’t go right to the source of the music, and get these producers. For the past couple of years producers like Bloodshy & Avant and Stuart Price have been getting busy; check Madonna’s 2005 album “Confessions on a Dance Floor” for a source.

Update: from what I have been hearing, Bloodshy & Avant no longer produce together. Bloodshy still produces independently, most recently with Linus Eklöw (Icona Pop's I Love It) under the name Galantis.

With that, I leave you a discography of Bloodshy & Avant’s explosive productions.

Production & Songwriting Discography (as of 3/7/2014)



Katy Perry's PRISM

Miike Snow's Happy To You

Sky Ferreira's Wild at Heart

Britney Spears's Femme Fatale

Sky Ferreira's As If!

Little Majorette

Lindsay Lohan's Spirit in the Dark

Missy Elliott's Block Party

Simon Curtis' Upcoming Album

Crookers's Tons of Friends

Dangerous Muse's Take Control

소녀시대 and f(x)'s Chocolate Love

Miike Snow's Miike Snow


Boa's BoA

Lisa's got that fever

Maroon 5's Call And Response: The Remix Album

Britney Spears' Circus

Crystal Kay's Namida no Saki ni (涙のさきに; Beyond the Tears)

Crystal Kay's Color Change!

Sean Garrett's Turbo 919

Leon Jean Marie's Bent Out Of Shape

Spiss' My Slang

Britney Spears' Blackout

Jennifer Lopez' Brave

Jordin Sparks' Jordin Sparks

Kevin Michael's Kevin Michael

Kylie Minogue's X

Haley Bennett's Music And Lyrics - Music From The Motion Picture

Kelis' Kelis Was Here

Natalie's Everything New

Belinda's Utopia

Jamelia's Walk With Me

Britney Spears' Chaotic

Brooke Valentine's Chain Letter

Madonna's Confessions On A Dancefloor

Utada's Exodus

Britney Spears' Greatest Hits: My Prerogative

Christina Milian's It's About Time

Ms. Dynamite's Judgement Days

Britney Spears' In the Zone

Rachel Stevens' Funky Dory

Billy Crawford's Ride

Ruby Amanfu's Sugah

Lene Nystrøm's Play With Me

Aimee Allen's I'd Start a Revolution (If I Could Get Up in the Morning) ▭ Shelved

Christina Milian's Christina Milian

Ms. Dynamite's A Little Deeper

Sugababes' Angels with Dirty Faces

Samantha Mumba's The Collection

Stella Soleil's Dirty Little Secret

Vitamin C's More

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