Happy Birthday Jimmy!

  • Happy Birthday Jimmy!

    Jimmy Page turns 63 today! You might think he has retired by now but no, he still has tons of stuff going on. A new solo album, remastering of TSRTS, possibly some editing with a new Led Zep video (new DVD perhaps?) and most interesting a new Led Zep live album! It looks like 2007 can be an interesting year after all!

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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY! I was on wikipedia the other day and saw that, so yea!
    A New Live Zep Album? That would be AWESOME!

    I know he wants to produce another album though

    Zep That!
    • rfue sa...
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    • 10 jan 2007, 17:25
    Happy Birthday Jimmy! you're only 43 years and 4 days older than me!

    • rfue sa...
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    • 10 jan 2007, 17:26
    oh this thread didn't come in time for J.P Jones' birthday on Jan 3:(

  • Happy Birthday Mr. Page. ;)

    • patzyk sa...
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    • 10 jan 2007, 20:29
    I'm late...but Happy Birthday...Hats Off to Jimmy Page

  • so weird

    two of my iddles (idols) have there birthdays hours apart from each other hajhjhja plus they idolized each other Page inspired by Elvis when he watched him play"Baby Let's Play House," then formed his band (Neil Christian & the Crusaders)... it's funnie

    Jimmy and Elvis

    • Jharod sa...
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    • 14 jan 2007, 12:06
    Better late than never, so happy birthday Jimmy!!!
    And happy birthday Elvis!

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  • Happy VERY belated birthday


  • It's been a year since my first post so, Happy Birthday Jimmy!

    It seems like only the remastering of TSRTS was the thing that came true of the things that I mentioned one year ago. I'm guessing that the solo album was put on hold and the focus was concentrated on the reunion instead. Will there be a release of the reunion DVD and his solo album in late 2008 instead perhaps?

    "Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?"

    Leader of The Yardbirds group!
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