The O2 Academy

  • The O2 Academy

    whats going on with it? iv hear so much different shit abouts its closing for good then its being moved?.

    anyone know??

  • its not closing. but i think thyre re-locating :)

  • It's being moved to Bristol St. I just ordered Black Stone Cherry tickets this morning & apparently its gonna be there.

  • arr wicked thanks tbh it realy did need to be moved or redone the floor was so fucking sticky in there its crazy

  • deffo moved.....drove past the new one the other day
    its missions away :[

    • dflock sa...
    • Användare
    • 29 okt 2009, 01:42
    This is now open, I think? Anyone been yet? What's it like?

  • iv only been in the 2nd academy but i think its fairly sick much bigger than the old academy 2 and just generally better i think but theres no pass outs

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