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  • ElinoraRose

    nature <3 trees and those stuff o-o

    december 2014
  • EmiliaQue

    Placer es escuchar a Bjork. Un orgasmo cada canción

    april 2013
  • DoberxD

    100! :D

    september 2012
  • hipersonico

    http://foro.bjork.com.es/index.php !! Participad! :D

    februari 2012
  • ElusiveKangaroo

    Biophilia is just pure class, groundbreaking, jaw dropping, eargasmic, festival of music in my ears

    januari 2012
  • Lichtenstein_

    I love the idea of mixing two type of meldy, one very emotional and sentimental and second more powerful and electronic like in Mutual Core. perfect album, luv you <3

    november 2011
  • ElusiveKangaroo

    I love this album, already my most listened to Bjork album to date. It's of very few albums with no stand out tracks as such, as they all stand out in their own right. Amazingly beautiful, Reassuringly Bjork. I salute you for another masterpiece x

    oktober 2011
  • filliperc

    My favourite song must definitely be "Moon", I love how organic and emotional it sounds like [2]

    oktober 2011
  • lfml_1

    My favourite song must definitely be "Moon", I love how organic and emotional it sounds like.

    oktober 2011
  • MusicSnob18

    Mutual core is my favorite! and thunderbolt.

    oktober 2011
  • ElusiveKangaroo

    I love Biophilia, her most genius, darkest, refreshing work to date. I'm a huge Bjork fan, but in Biophilia I've found my new favourite album. It seems to take key elements from certain albums. the starkness and choirs of Medulla, Homogenic's beats. Volta's string intrument, Vespertine's arrangements and craftmenship. A Fair few of the songs would easily fit onto other albums. A hybrid album

    oktober 2011
  • yui_kato

    Biophilia..is really great...i have the japanese edition with 14 great tracks...and i love them all..it is a jorney through Bjorks inspiring world

    oktober 2011