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This is a group for all fans of My Bloody Valentine and fans of Bilinda Butcher.

This is a group for all fans of My Bloody Valentine and fans of Bilinda Butcher, the band's co-vocalist and guitarist.

She rules. MBV rules. Feel free to use the forums, shoutbox, whatever to talk about the band and its members. Be chill.

Butcher was raised in London and then Derbyshire. She went on to study dance at Laban College in London, but she dropped out after a year due to developing a case of cystitis. She explained to the Melody Maker that, "I had to keep going to the loo, and I couldn't get my leotard on and off quick enough. I missed all of the classes." After leaving Laban, she worked briefly as a nanny for a French family in London.

My Bloody Valentine

Butcher joined My Bloody Valentine in 1987, replacing original vocalist Dave Conway. Butcher, whose previous musical experience was playing classical guitar as a child and singing and playing tambourine "with some girlfriends for fun", learned that the group needed a backing vocalist. She was finally chosen, beating out "this girl, Julie, who was going out with Douglas Hart from The Jesus and Mary Chain." Butcher became co-vocalist, as well as co-guitarist and co-lyricist along with Kevin Shields. She first appeared on the band's Strawberry Wine EP.

While Kevin Shields is MBV's principal guitarist, producer, and songwriter, Butcher's vocals became a trademark of the band's ethereal, yet dissonant sound. The band went on to release the influential albums Isn't Anything in 1988 and Loveless in 1991 to international critical acclaim.

Following Loveless, MBV became mostly inactive except for the occasional remix, or song contribution for compilations. The band reunited for selected tour dates in 2008, and they plan to release recordings. Shields mentioned in an interview on Soft Focus UK ( with Ian Svenonius in November 2007 that he and Butcher had recorded songs in the mid-90's, and they plan to use those recordings for a full-length album, as well as record an additional album of new material.

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Discography with My Bloody Valentine:
Strawberry Wine [EP] - (1987)
Ecstasy [EP] - (1987)
You Made Me Realise [EP] - (1988)
Feed Me with Your Kiss [Single] - (1988)
Isn't Anything - (1988)
Glider [EP] - (1990)
Tremolo [EP] - (1991)
Loveless - (1991)
Only Shallow [Single] - (1992)
Peace Together [Compilation] - (1993)
Whore: Various Artists Play Wire [Compilation] - (1996)

Other work:
Collapsed Lung - Cooler - (1996) [Contributed lead vocals tracks "Ballad Night" and "Casino Kisschase"]
Dinosaur Jr. - Hand It Over - (1997) [Contributed backing vocals with Kevin Shields on track 1, "I Don't Think"]

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