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"Once upon a time there was a skateboard magazine called Big Brother. It was a very stupid skateboard magazine, but like a newborn babe, it brought light to a universe that was very, very dark. It pooped, and puked and generally just made a big ole mess, just like any ole big dumb baby. But there was something cute and very different about this big, dumb baby, and people enjoyed laughing at it while it do all those stupid, messy things. You know, if you got a little pee on your leg, it was a small price to pay for the entertainment the baby provided you. “Oh, it peed on me! HAHA!”" - Dave Carnie

No subject was taboo. Early articles featured step by step ways to commit suicide and rip-off schemes such as how to make a fake ID. They would often use odd gimmicks like printing the magazine in different sizes, packaging it in a cereal box, and throwing in items like trading cards and a cassette tape. Early writers were Sean Cliver, Earl Parker (Thomas Schmidt) Jeff Tremaine, Marc Mckee, Mike Ballard, Pat Canale, and others.
It contained mostly articles about skateboarding, as well as some nudity, stunts, pranks, and random ramblings from its staff. Its later days were characterized by the clever wordplay of editors Dave Carnie and Chris Nieratko. The magazine was purchased by Larry Flynt in 1997. After Flynt began publishing the magazine, ironically the nudity was toned down or scrapped altogether, though the vulgarity remained.

They also released a few videos, including "Shit", "Number 2", "boob", then "Crap" with a few stunts and pranks, but the videos were mostly skateboarding-oriented.

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