We've Hit 15!

  • We've Hit 15!

    i feel like i'm unnaturally excited about this group, so excuse me.
    thanks, everyone, for joining. i believe i actually asked all of you to join, so it's not like you just stumbled across this group.
    but i hope to make this group fun or interesting or both. valuable? we'll see?

    ideas? comments? complaints? please post 'em here!

    "I'm stickin' to you, 'cos I'm made out of glue."
    • Chimp711 sa...
    • Användare
    • 12 aug 2006, 22:19
    This is a group based on your blog about music, right?

  • i guess it's a group that's about sharing recommendations and what we're all into and stuff.
    my ultimate plan is to eventually have stuff to do in the *physical* world, something with the BiBaBiDi name on it, maybe. but we'll see ...

    if you've got mixes or something cool that you're listening to or something you're into or something you want to know about or do, post about it here. nothing's off, and everything's welcome!

    i want more discussions and interaction here!

    "I'm stickin' to you, 'cos I'm made out of glue."
  • Funny because i did "stumble across" this group! Ive been browsing for a few minutes and i've found a few songs i like. :)

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