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Skapad den: 5 jun 2008
Because Pitchfork Media sucks.

For years Pitchfork Media has been pretentiously publicizing bands you and I found out about at least two albums ago. Pitchfork acts like it's an invaluable resource for discovering new music, but really it's just pushing good and sub-par bands on elitist teenagers who can't make up their own minds about music. Those bands are then ruined for the rest of us because once they are launched into the fickle world of indie pop, they become yesterday's news. And no one wants to be seen reading yesterday's news.

So this group is for people who are better than Pitchfork - people who can find new music on their own and can decide whether or not they like it without reading a badly-written Pitchfork review. This group is for people who don't care if their favorite band was featured on Pitchfork, got a cover spot on Spin, and was subsequently blacklisted by trendy high schoolers. If you like the band, be proud to listen to it.

This group is an alternative resource to introduce you to music you might not have heard before and to share your opinions with people who aren't pompous idiots.

This group is better than Pitchfork!

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