• Moochu2 sa...
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    • 26 maj 2005, 22:09



    • kuzzzma sa...
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    • 27 maj 2005, 07:27

    hurray! first post!

    oh... blame me!
    I had to do it myself!
    (but I was so busy at my work...)

    so i should at least say "welcome" to any new member

    Earth is 98% full...
    Please delete anyone you can.
    • rapchee sa...
    • Abonnent
    • 11 dec 2006, 21:54
    i wish to join you guys too
    so i did
    bear with me B)
    (<--check jetto-san in lego)

    Redigerad av rapchee den 21 apr 2007, 16:42
    • sakura44 sa...
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    • 29 dec 2006, 18:50
    i am glad there is a cowboy bebop group, i love the music and the series

    • Removes sa...
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    • 25 jan 2007, 01:57
    Wow, I haven't posted in any of my groups' forums. I feel guilty, bebop rocks.

  • Oh here is no action .... letz post ;)
    I Luv Cowboy Beebop cause it has it own flair and atmosphere that drives you very deep in the Story and all around =D
    And it's very lovely animated because of all those small Details in the World...
    What can else can I say ? Only one it's one the best fuckin Adult Anime ever ^^

    • rapchee sa...
    • Abonnent
    • 12 aug 2008, 21:19

    bebop live action?


    i wonder how that is going to turn out. if it will at all. dont have high hopes though

  • I'm afraid it'll be awful. I guess they'll cast Keanu Reeves as Spike and make a crappy movie without spirit of series.

    Mateusz "Craven" Wielgosz
    "Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone."
    • delado sa...
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    • 19 okt 2008, 17:47
    ..cowboy movie !! that sucks keanu spike ..blasfemy! i said

    bill avatar kool!!
    bleach avatar stinky!!!


    ....,.,.,,mentira la mentira,, MENTIRA la verdaaaa,..,.,.,.....
  • I'm optimistic, but I've wanted this to happen for years....sounds like there's gonna be lots of money going into this, if it indeed happens. If they can get Watanabe involved and have him calling some of the shots, as far as overall vision and feel of the movie, it might be cool. The movie-makers need to pay special attention to the music....I hope they can use a full Yoko Kanno soundtrack and not some crappy contemporary pop-hits.

    "They asked me for some collateral, so I pulled down my pants."
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