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Ledare: Jd_Jd_Jd och tYhJyYsRuLeS
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Skapad den: 20 okt 2010
Who's the best artist from the BeNeLux region? Time to find out. After 30 matchdays we have a winner. Join, support and vote for your favourites from Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg!

Currently playing: None

I'm abdicating as a leader for this group, since I can't run it anymore the way I intended. Candidates to host a next season are invited to send a PM to Jd_Jd_Jd. I will finish the current season.

Season 1 Champion: Within Temptation
Season 1 BeNeLux Cup Winner: Heidevolk
Season 1 Second Division winner: Amenra

Season 2 Champion: Golden Earring
Season 2 BeNeLux Cup Winner: Ayreon
Season 2 Second Division winner: Ayreon

Season 3 First Division winner: Rome
Season 3 BeNeLux Cup wnner: Rome
Season 3 Second Division winner: Urfaust

Season 4 First Division winner: Heidevolk
Season 4 BeNeLux Cup wnner: Heidevolk
Season 4 Second Division winner: Ancient Rites

Thank you very much for joining the group!

Rock League
The Group where rock / metal / punk ... artists from Belgium, The Netherlands & Luxembourg compete against each other to decide which is the best band from the Benelux area!

S4 league tables

First Division

After Forever - The Gathering 0:2
Epica – Hooverphonic 6:0
Ayreon – Urfaust 1:1
Heidevolk - The Devil’s Blood 7:0
Within Temptation - Oceans of Sadness 0:1
Amenra - The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble 2:0
Golden Earring – dEUS 0:0
Asphyx – Rome 1:3

Play-Off First/Second Division

Golden Earring - Legion of the Damned 1:5
(Relegation for Golden Earring)

Second Division

Milow - Peter Pan Speedrock 0:2
Legion Of The Damned - Ancient Rites 3:4
We vs. Death – Anouk 0:0
Hail Of Bullets - God Dethroned 0:2
Star One – Pestilence 2:0
Gotye – OMNIA 0:8
Clanrock – Enthroned 1:3
Triggerfinger - An Autumn For Crippled Children 0:3

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