Classic Rock logos

  • Elvis Costello (IMPROVED CONTRAST)

  • Approved

    Bad Company, Bee Gees, BOC, Bryan Adams, Eagles, Elvis Costello, Gary Numan, Meat Loaf, Mott The Hoople, Paul McCartney, Paul Weller, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Rod Stewart (new logo), Roxy Music (new logo), Steve Morse (reconsidered), The Black Crowes (reconsidered), Tom Robinson, Wings.

    Unapproved logos were not approved because they should be (mostly) black and white.

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    • 18 dec 2011, 22:02

    The Angels

  • Puhdys

  • I don't know why my Oingo Boingo logo was not approved.

    Well, here's another one. Better I think. More used by the band :

    Oingo Boingo

  • ELO (Electric Light Orchestra)

    Hi there, At some point, you had corrected the re-direct on this one, but it seems to have been reverted. always redirects "ELO" to Electric Light Orchestra, so the logo does not appear in the banner because the image is makred as "ELO." Or so it seems to me! Thanks for all of your efforts!

  • turn to stone2 - i see that you're using my mirror, and so with the next update i will have this fixed for you.

  • Bachman-Turner Overdrive (improved contrast)

    T. Rex (new)

    I don't know how to improve FM's logo, fiddling about with the contrast will just make it look horrid.
    Besides, it doesn't look that bad inverted:

  • I'm no longer moderating this group. If someone else would like to take over, just assume the role.

  • Manfred Mann

    Manfred Mann

    Manfred Mann

  • Budka Suflera

    Please add logo of this band: Budka Suflera

    Redigerad av Kajek1993 den 13 aug 2012, 08:51
  • The Marshall Tucker Band

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