John Cage's 4'33 Tribute.

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    • 3 sep 2009, 19:08

    John Cage's 4'33 Tribute.

    This fifth of September will be the 97 birth anniversary of music composer, among other things, John Cage. He died in 1992 and left an extended influence for all current composers who are living in the edge of music.

    I’m doing an open invitation, so this 5th of September everyone who would like to joy the celebration, uploading a video of themselves performing his famous piece 4’33.

    “4′33″ is a three-movement composition by American avant-garde composer John Cage (1912–1992). It was composed in 1952 for any instrument (or combination of instruments), and the score instructs the performer not to play the instrument during the entire duration of the piece throughout the three movements (the first being thirty seconds, the second being two minutes and twenty-three seconds, and the third being one minute and forty seconds).” - Wikipedia.

    “The "point" of 4'33", and the appeal of most avant-garde stuff, is that unlike most music it presents an open process rather than an attempt to realize a composer's prescribed directives to achieve a specific intended result. It's an invitation, not a command.” – John Cage and the Avant-Garde: The Sounds of Silence, Peter Gutmann.

    So; this 5th I invited you to perform this piece, recorded it and upload it to YouTube, so you can link your video to it as a video response to this video: also I will make a blog entry about all the people who join the celebration.

    Event page on

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