Top Five Aussie Bands and Top Five Songs by them...

  • I see a disturbingly low amount of AC/DC love here. Not only are they the best Australian band, I think they're the best band ever.

    Also, if there are any metal fans here, you should check out Deströyer 666. They're a great black thrash band from Australia.

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    • SB72 sa...
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    • 18 sep 2011, 18:46

    no-one drinks fosters either...

    there's absolutely no denying ac/dc's status, influence or popularity... but alot has happened "down under" in music generally speaking since AC/DC defected from Australia in 1976...

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    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 30 jan 2012, 19:32
    ac/dc, midnight oil, crowded house, inxs & cold chisel.

  • 1. Kisschasy

    1. Black Dress
    2. Dinosaur
    3. Morning
    4. Spray On Pants
    5. Ghost

    2. Jet

    1. Rip It Up
    2. Shine On
    3. Get Me Outta Here
    4. Look What You've Done
    5. Seventeen

    3. Cold Chisel

    1. Ita
    2. Rising Sun
    3. Forever Now
    4. Breakfast At Sweethearts
    5. Shipping Steel

    4. AC/DC

    1. Jailbreak
    2. Thunderstruck
    3. Highway to Hell
    4. It's A Long Way To The Top
    5. Shook Me All Night Long

    5. The Angels

    1. No Secrets
    2. Shadow Boxer
    3. Dogs Are Talking
    4. We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place
    5. Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again

    It's so hard to wake up when the shades have been pulled shut :)
    • pr0nty sa...
    • Användare
    • 25 feb 2012, 16:40

    Tough choices.

    For the record, I really don't see what a band's exposure age has to do with their being a valid choice for a place in anyone's list. Either people love them or they don't. Doesn't make a difference if they've been around for two years or twenty.

    And I think some people forget sometimes that 'good' is a very relative term when it comes to musical tastes. Just because you don't like that band/that song by that band doesn't mean it doesn't have a place on any of these top fivers.

    Having said that, here's me:

    1. The Presets (So hard to choose. Apocalypso is practically written on my bones.)
    Girl and the Sea
    Pretty Little Eyes

    2. Crowded House (Totally relevant to this list okay!)
    Mansion in the Slums
    Private Universe
    Fall at Your Feet
    Weather With You
    All I Ask

    3. The Cat Empire (Their self-titled album is their best work, IMO.)
    The Chariot
    The Crowd
    No Longer There
    Protons, Neutrons, Electrons

    4. George (All of the songs. ALL OF THEM, DARNIT!)
    Breathe In Now
    Falling Inside

    5. Sia (UNF! Solo artists are allowed, right?)
    Breathe Me
    Don't Bring Me Down

  • Karnivool
    -New Day

    Midnight Oil
    -Only the strong
    -Dont wanna be the one
    -Us Forces
    -Power and the Passion
    -Back on the Borderline

    Dead Letter Circus
    -The Mile
    -Disconnect and Apply
    -Here we Divide

    its to hard to choose between MM9, Hoodoo Gurus, Mental As Anything, Grinspoon, The Living End, The Angles, The Butterfly Effect, Birds of Tokyo for the last 2.

    • Tbopi sa...
    • Användare
    • 23 apr 2012, 03:52
    1. The Living End
    - Nothing Lasts Forever
    - Waiting For The Silence
    - All Torn Down
    - Prisoner of Society
    - One Step Behind

    2. Jet
    - Sgt. Major
    - King's Horses
    - Get Me Out of Here
    - Hold On
    - Black Hearts (On Fire)

    3. Pete Murray
    - Better Days
    - Opportunity
    - Remedy
    - Saving Grace
    - Ten Ft. Tall

    4. Powderfinger
    - My Happiness
    - Stumblin'
    - Pick You Up
    - Belter
    - Bless My Soul

    5. Grinspoon
    - Better Off Alone
    - Hold On Me
    - No Reason
    - Sweet As Sugar
    - DCX3

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