Sufjan Stevens doesn't like Texas?

  • Sufjan Stevens doesn't like Texas?

    So, I was looking around at different artist's pages here on and read the overview of Sufjan Stevens. When I came to the part about him stating that he was going to do and album for every state in the U.S. which was then retracted. Sufjan said that there were some states he would never do, listing specifically Texas as one he would never do. WHY?!?!?! does he not realize we are not all hill billy conservative oil whores?

    "We sold our clothes to the state, I don't mind, I don't mind, I've made a lot of mistakes, In my mind, In my mind.
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    "We sold our clothes to the state, I don't mind, I don't mind, I've made a lot of mistakes, In my mind, In my mind.
  • To be fair, if I was going to write an album for each of the 50 states I probably wouldn't be too thrilled about doing Illinois. I'm sure Illinois people wouldn't appriciate that. That said, I'm dissapointed at Sufjan for being a snob, Texas is awesome(for the most part)!

  • agreed. but I still like Sufjan and his music. :)
    (but I think it would be pretty cool to do an album on Illinois.)

    "We sold our clothes to the state, I don't mind, I don't mind, I've made a lot of mistakes, In my mind, In my mind.
  • Yeah, Sufjan is still pretty damn awesome.

  • love the guy but he obviously hasn't spent too much time here. either that or he isn't wanting to do a double album as that's probably what it would take.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 16 okt 2006, 23:30
    yeah, Texas is pretty much the greatest state of all. maybe he already realizes that and understands that Texas doesn't need anymore props from him.

  • what is with the PRIDE that texas people have?

    uggh, I'm moving.

    back to IL.


  • You're taking a statement he made in an interview and drawing all these conclusions from it that aren't necessarily true. Who knows why he doesn't want to do an album for Texas, but I know for a fact that it isn't because he hates the state or thinks we're all hillbillies. He's a big fan of the music scene here in Texas, and always includes Texas in his national tours, so it's probably less to do with his personal feelings towards the state than some other reason.

    And yes, Texans can be guilty of geocentricity, but that can be said for MANY regions around the country (hello, the West coast? Esp Cali? NYC, anyone? Chicago?). A lot of people are obnoxiously devoted to their home region. It's one of the more annoying and illogical aspects of human nature, but oh well. I'd rather people be proud of where they're from than constantly bitching about it, wouldn't you?

    What's it to ya?
    • bach2 sa...
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    • 18 jan 2007, 17:49

  • if he does hate texas, can you blam him? Its just Houston and DFW giving Austin a bad reputation.

    He should make single just for austin.

  • austin is turning into dallas. :/

  • If you don't like it then GIT OUT! Seriously, though - I'm tired of hearing people claim that "Austin is turning into this or that". People like you make up a large part of what little there is to dislike about this city. Get over yourselves.

    [Edit]: In the interest of staying on topic, I'll just say that I could really care less about what Sufjan may or may not think about Texas. So long as he keeps writing music worth listening to, you can count me in.

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    • 8 apr 2008, 22:20
    QElliott15 said:
    if he does hate texas, can you blam him? Its just Houston and DFW giving Austin a bad reputation.

    He should make single just for austin.

    I live in DFW, and in small parts, unbelievably, DFW is super, super awesome. But like I said, small parts. Very small parts. Such as the Lower Greenville area in Dallas, several neighborhoods in Denton, and the Magnolia/Hemphill area of Fort Worth.

  • ehh Explosions in the sky pretty much sum up texas... (both literately in their song titles "west texas" and the larger-than-life sound) and i just dont think sufjan really has lived around here to know it well enough.. and sadly the texas generalizations are very strong (and to an extent true, except austin of course)... i always say that austin is the blue pimple on the large red ass of texas

  • Yeah, I was working in France for the summer...and the Texan stereotypes I felt there were absurd. People were surprised that I didn't wear boots and that I had no decernable accent. *sigh*

    • jpg22 sa...
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    • 10 jul 2009, 14:23
    Sufjan is right


  • texas sucked until garth ennis and steve dillon came along

    i've never been proud of texas: just austin. i lived in port arthur, tx most of my life until today. thank satan for fucks should try living in southeast texas for more than a week. then you'll know why france is all fucked up on hillbilly imagery. but whatever...sufjan is having his personal crisis right now, so he can kiss my texan ass. if i was as talented as him, i wouldn't be bitching about the integrity of the song or the album like the overthinking nerd he is...

    "From nothing to nothing is no time at all."

    - John Steinbeck
    • enishicz sa...
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    • 14 jan 2010, 02:05


    "I have no qualms about admitting it was a promotional gimmick" he's just after the moneys guys lolz


  • I'll never have respect for anyone petty enough to hate a state. I mean it's not like we're Alabama.

    • Pinkbat sa...
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    • 5 jul 2010, 03:03
    keep this shitmouth out of my state

  • keep this shitmouth out of my state

    • angus82 sa...
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    • 7 dec 2010, 19:13
    Ehh, Austin and Denton are the shit, but I'm currently stuck in DALLAS. The rest of the state .. Blarg....

    • Rhinkey sa...
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    • 20 maj 2011, 00:17
    lol guys, stop failing. Texas minus Austin is actually a pretty crappy state. Been to 42 states. I wouldn't think twice about such a simple comment including Texas among other states he would be less than inclined to do an album for. It's not that big of a scandal.

    It is far easier to destroy than to create. Those who know only how to tear things down are lazy and ignorant.
  • What about Austin?

    Austin is NOTHING like the rest of Texas. We've got Austin City Limits, Reggaefest, South By Southwest, and a crapload of other awesome music festivals. Many, many artists come through here - this is a music town. Our unofficial motto is "Keep Austin Weird". Not a lot of hick big oil tycoon types here at all, actually.

    It's very different here - my friend calls Austin "The rose in the toilet bowl".. and at times, I have to agree. LOL :)

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