Build with Leopard Fixes

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    • 4 nov 2007, 04:58

    Problem fixed here as well

    I've been using the build (beta) for a week. So far so good. Cheers for your great work!

  • it works, on mine:

    Takes a while to open,

    Does not let me hide the app...

    I shall be in tune to see if another one gets here... this time fixed for good.

    Thanks a bunch for your help so far though! at least it does not open twice anymore!

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    • Gneekman sa...
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    • 4 nov 2007, 13:36
    Well, it works, except for the hiding behavior.
    I really like it to be unobtrusive, so I don't want the window popping up when I open iTunes.
    Fixing the hiding should be priority one, I think.

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    • plucas sa...
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    • 4 nov 2007, 18:18 works for me, but the process LastFMHelper is listed as not responding in the activity monitor. It's not taking up much CPU though.

    I really only use the application to scrobble stuff, so I don't know if the process that isn't responding is breaking some feature I don't use, or not.

  • Fixed all the bugs I noticed since switching to Leopard. Thanks!

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  • so, ok.... mine is not quitting now...

    I am still having issues with it.

    I deleted all imaginable archives I could have on my computer, and downloaded it again to re-install... still, takes a long time to load, does not let me see the window at first and then when it does, does not let me hide it with my keyboard shortcut as usual... and if I close the window, I can never see it again...

    bahh,... :(

    a n d r e i n a
  • I have to force-quit to quit the app...

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    • __n__ sa...
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    • 5 nov 2007, 11:24
    seems to work okay-ish.. like everyone else the application still won't hide itself from the dock. although if i try to hide it, it will still boot where as the previous version wouldn't do anything.

    Am getting some strange errors in the logs on boot though:

    Nov 5 09:43:39 Macintosh [0x0-0x161161][8162]: "071105 09:43:39" - "-1608192160" - static bool ControlInterface::sendToInstance(const QString&) ( 152 ) - L4
    Nov 5 09:43:39 Macintosh [0x0-0x161161][8162]: sendToInstance failed ""
    Nov 5 09:43:40 Macintosh[88] (fm.last.lastfmhelper[4270]): Exited: Terminated
    Nov 5 09:43:40 Macintosh[88] (fm.last.lastfmhelper): Unknown key: ServiceDescription
    Nov 5 09:43:40 Macintosh[88] (fm.last.lastfmhelper): Unknown key: LSUIElement

    like everyone else LastFMHelp doesn't seem to respond once the client is launched.

    • fatius sa...
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    • 5 nov 2007, 16:27

    x11 issues

    Works great for me, except that it keeps causing x11 apps to unfocus. So not scrobbling for me... oh well, I can wait.

  • Works for me

    woo hoo, it seems stable and good. Thanks for updating so quickly. It can only get better from here...

    • che_fox sa...
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    • 5 nov 2007, 23:18

    Works on new Santa Rosa MacBook works great here on the new Santa Rosa MacBook, running Leopard GA (9A3110).

  • ahh... I'll sit here, waiting...

    a n d r e i n a
  • Installed, seems to work but doesn't hide dock icon or start hidden when requested, and unfocuses X11 apps like Gimp which is really annoying :-/

  • I'm seeing the following in the logs on startup:
    07/11/2007 08:49:06[163] (fm.last.lastfmhelper[167]) Exited: Terminated
    07/11/2007 08:49:06[163] (fm.last.lastfmhelper) Unknown key: ServiceDescription
    07/11/2007 08:49:06[163] (fm.last.lastfmhelper) Unknown key: LSUIElement

    Also, I get prompted to allow LastFM and LasfFMHelper to allow firewall connections on every boot, even though I have added LastFM as Always Allow in the firewall prefs.

    • egordin sa...
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    • 8 nov 2007, 23:18
    Any updates on the unhideable dock problem? Its the one thing keeping me from switching from iScrobbler!


    • dawuss sa...
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    • 12 nov 2007, 08:48
    I also feel plagued by the X11 focus problem. Now I have to choose between being able to work or being able to scrobble the music I'm listening to :(

    Otherwise, version of the client seems to work fine for me.

  • The Last.FM helper crashes frequently on my iBook G4 with Leopard. If you need a log, I'll be happy to send it.

    • Paaaqman sa...
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    • 13 nov 2007, 10:42
    Version doesn't work in my new leopard. Do you know what is the posible problem?

  • Anyone else having problems with lastfmhelper having HUGE memory leaks? When I first run it, it's fine. But after a while, if I check my activity monitor, it'll tell me it's using up hundreds of MB of real memory. This has happened on more than one occasion. Luckily I have 2 GB of RAM, so it's not that noticeable, but still a big problem, especially when I start to use more RAM intense apps.

    Oh, just to make sure, I'm running Leopard on a CD iMac with version

    • WEBARMY sa...
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    • 15 nov 2007, 04:58
    Everything seems to run fine for me. My Leopard (which I bought day one) is fully updated. Last.FM starts up quickly when itunes is launched and everything seems fine.

    I'll be showing my co-worker this but I really hope for a real release soon. Good job so far guys.

  • works on Leopard 10.5.1

    Just applied 10.5.1 update to Leopard and downloaded the build - all seems to be working fine. Thanks!

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    • 17 nov 2007, 18:07
    the new version works fine, but none of my tracks are getting added to my profile.

    when i first installed leopard, the old version worked fine... but then it stopped working...

    edit: nevermind, now it is working perfectly.

  • Connection timed out.

    Still having problems keeping a solid connection. I keep getting the error, mid song, or between switching songs, that the connection has timed out.

    I've gone through the last two betas and am now up to date. Each edition since installing leopard has given me this problem.

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    • 18 nov 2007, 11:49

    bugreport (hide dock icon - no effect)

    Leopard 10.5.1
    iTunes 7.5 (19)

    Disabling the setting "Show application in Dock" has no effect.
    Even after a restart of the application, the icon is still shown in the dock, when its launched.



    forget my comment. just saw that there already is a 1.4 beta which works fine with the exception of some non localized strings, but i expect that this is still work in progress.

    • vjt sa...
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    • 18 nov 2007, 21:19

    so far, so good!

    I just installed the new beta on my 10.5.1 installation: it fixed the double icon problem, and also I'm not experiencing the X11 unfocus problem. Activity monitor still reports the helper process as 'not responding', but it works anyway.

    Just a little quirk: in ~/Library/LaunchAgents there was a duplicate launchd entry, because I'm using a case-sensitive HFS file system (my unix roots are so strong and I cannot live with a case insensitive fs ;) so on my system fm.last.LastFMHelper.plist != fm.last.lastfmhelper.plist. I simply deleted the downcase file, and everything is good.



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