Rating a song in iTunes makes Last.fm restart scrobbling

  • Rating a song in iTunes makes Last.fm restart scrobbling

    This was a problem that drove me nuts in the old version and I was so happy it didn't seem to happen when I first got the beta but with 2.1.18 it's back again. It's a small thing but I figured I'd bring it up anyway, it would be great if this got fixed once and for all.

    • eartle sa...
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    • 29 apr 2012, 16:59
    Thanks for pointing this out. This didn't happen in earlier versions of the beta, but was introduced with the fix for repeating the same track and scrobbling it every time. I'll put this on the list and see if we can fix both things at the same time.

    Was the Last.fm Client Team - @eartle
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  • Still experiencing this same bug. Hope for a fix soon!
    Any idea when the OS X Audioscrobbler will be out of beta?

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