Feature request: Ban artist from recommend radio

  • Feature request: Ban artist from recommend radio

    Quite often you just don't like an artist you've been recommended. I can remove it from the recommended page on the site, but the radio still keeps playing it.
    There is a button to ban a track, but other tracks from this artist are still popping up on the radio.
    It would be great if I could ban an artist completely from recommendations radio.

    Redigerad av shiroineko den 21 apr 2012, 20:36
  • I'd love it too.

    This is the feature Last.fm users have been asking for for years. Maybe now the moment is right?

  • I'd like this feature too. I haven't noticed artists that I delete from the recommendations page continuing to play on the radio, but it's not convenient to have to navigate through the page to find a particular artist that I didn't enjoy hearing on the radio. Actually, because of that, I'll usually just skip or ban a song I don't like, and hope the artist is eventually filtered out.

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